Tips for Parents to Ease Exam Pressure on Child

Tips for Parents

Tips for Parents

As a parent, knowingly or unknowingly, you play an important role in your child’s mental health and the importance of it grows ten folds during the stressful times in your kid’s life. Exams can take a huge toll on your child’s psyche. Like any other child, he/she needs a thorough mental support from you to deal with the inevitable stress. Read on to find simple ways you can help your child enormously during these ‘testing times’.

Give Pep Talk

The importance of it can not be emphasized enough. While a few nagging words can put one’s self-esteem on the cliff edge, motivating words with an encouraging tone can give them the confidence to conquer mountains. Examination times can make even the brightest students feel a little low, so being a parent, this is a high time for you to pitch in with supportive gestures.

Be a Parent, But a Friend Too

As a parent you naturally want your child to do well. But a demanding and authoritative persona would neither help you nor your child. Your child is normally already under a lot of pressure, so don’t ride their backs about studying, rather take a friendly approach. Do not make schedules for them, rather get involved in a discussion about their plans and voice in only when you see it necessary. Encourage them to talk about stress that is affecting them and assure them their feelings are normal. Only you can make for them a tension free environment, conducive for studying.

Set Realistic Limits

Every child is different. That being said, don’t expect an over the 90 percentile from one who is an average performer. Plus, talents are varied too; one who is good at Maths might not perform well at dancing and vice versa. Don’t burden them with unrealistic expectations and push them towards goals they can achieve. Only when those are achieved, you can set the bar a rung higher.

Don’t Push for ‘All Work and No Play’ Strategy

This might seem a bit odd during the times of exams, but everyone needs a break once a while. Set aside some time for relaxation and fun activities which can take their mind off the exam stress. Encourage them for some exercise or to catch up with a friend. Allowing for a little TV time is also not counterproductive. Studies show that a refreshed mind learns better and faster.

Don’t Let Health Take a Back Seat

Health often gets ignored during the exam time. There lies a great opportunity for you to provide great assistance to your child during this time. Encourage them to take an eight-hour sleep and full meals. Resorting to energy drinks and fast food is a no-no. Give them plenty of fruits with antioxidants and liquids. Encourage them to practice Yoga too.

Success in exams is essentially a teamwork between you and your child. Exam times are tough and success is no cake walk but you can always ease the situation by being a supportive parent. Hope above tips prove to be of help!