What is a Creative Block and How to Beat it?

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What is a creative block?

Any artist, be it a painter, a musician, or a writer, has experienced creative block at some point in their career. It is also known as blank canvas syndrome. There are many reasons behind creative block, but the most common is lack of inspiration. When you’re highly motivated to create something but cannot find what to do, that’s a creative block.

Here are some reasons why you might be experiencing creative block:


Another common reason behind the creative block is stress or unhappiness. When you’re not feeling your best, it will reflect in your art or work as well. You cannot work well under pressure or with a mind that is torn between two different problems.


People who suffer from anxiety know just how much control it has over their lives. Anxiety can ruin many good and joyful experiences for you. Feeling your work isn’t good enough, others are doing much better, nobody likes your art are symptoms of an anxious brain. Until you’re confident in your skills and work with a clear and happy mind, you won’t be able to give your best.


Sometimes we overuse our creativity. Working constantly every day on new ideas and projects might sound like the perfect way to stay productive and sharp, but it can also negatively affect. Overworking your mind can lead to you feeling drained of ideas and creativity. Let your mind rest; it is okay not to feel creative every day of your life. Different days and different stages of the invention in your life and taking a break are just as important as creating your next masterpiece.

How to overcome creative block

Recognize the conflict

Sometimes your mind can be confused between two different opinions. For example, the inner “hustler” in you wants to have a productive day, while the other just wants some time away from work. You need to realize and face this internal conflict. Understand what is more important today, whether working and giving your best or taking time away and relaxing.

Creative direction

Having no direction in mind can cause a creative block. To avoid this situation, try everything. You could be thinking of a particular genre of story writing or a new pattern in art, or a new chord. Try something you haven’t before and see your creativity bloom. The possibilities of being creative are endless, and that’s the best part of it.

What do you require?

Are you working for yourself or a client? If you’re working for someone else, having a particular set of instructions or demands can help you curb your creative block. Know what’s being asked of you, what type of work they’re interested in and work accordingly. This will help you to perform better for them as well as find a direction for your art.