What is the Garden Therapy?

Hanging Gardens
An unforgettable walk at the Hanging Gardens in Mumbai

In today’s world, having a house with a garden is everyone’s dream only a few can fulfil. Imagining yourself playing and roaming around in a place filled with beautiful bushes of flowers, herbs, and trees is something we all yearn for. Butterflies, squirrels, and birds chirping would be a cherry on the top. We have been fascinated with beautiful lush green gardens in movies and cinemas from a very young age. The protagonist lives in a small comfy cottage with a beautiful garden outside, making it even more endearing.

Can we all agree that the garden in the movie “Little Women” caught our attention? Or Snow White talking with birds and the other animals that resided in her garden made us wish we were in her place? We can’t talk to animals, but we sure can make them our little friends if we have a garden. But, unfortunately, gardens are something only a few can afford-financially and physiologically, and many people never really a get chance to get one.

Gardener’s primary duties include daily watering of plants looking after their nourishment putting manure, fertilizers, and planting new seeds. New plants can also be grown by procuring saplings from a nursery. Gardens are something people possess to express themselves and how they perceive the world.

If we look carefully, a person’s garden can tell a lot about them. For instance, if we look at the park of a person who has sunflowers, we might think the person is a ball of sunshine- just because people with happy and warm personalities are often compared to sun and sunflowers face towards the sun. A person who has a Rose in their garden might be perceived as a Romantic person because Roses are identified as a universal symbol of love. On the other hand, a garden with tulips signifies that the owner is kind. It may not be accurate, but people often plant flowers that reflect their personalities to some extent.

In addition to that, some people plant Tulsi- a medicinal herb that is a sacred plant in Hindu mythology. Some may be fond of vegetables and fruits instead of flowers because they want to grow, nurture and make food for themselves. It gives them happiness and assurance. In addition to this, gardening is not just about making your surrounding more aesthetically pleasing -It is also about the many benefits it provides to you. Therefore, it has a broad and holistic approach.

Gardening is a hobby, an activity that is genderless- anyone who enjoys it can practice it. On the physiological and financial level, It is a physical activity that helps in Weight loss. It lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, stress, and depression.

We can say gardening is a great activity for everyone, from working professionals to retirees. It helps you to connect to nature. In this fast-paced and stressful life, a garden becomes an oasis of calmness and tranquility. It provides you with a haven from the rigorousness of the world and helps your life to be slow and simple.