What is the Meaning of Podcast and its Types?

podcast meaning
Know about Podcast.

The podcast is a digital audio file that can get downloaded from the internet. It is often in MP3 format and contains the recording of a discussion on a particular topic. Former MTV video jockey Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer created it in 2004. 

Curry detailed a program known as iPodder that allowed him to automatically download Internet radio broadcasts to his iPod. Numerous developers enhanced upon his idea, and then podcasting was formally developed. Curry has hosted multiple well-known podcasts; one of them includes a show called No Agenda.

The preparation and distribution of audio files are required using RSS (Really Simple Syndicated) to the computers of subscribed users. They are mostly discovered on iTunes and Spotify, including websites. The vibrant medium makes a way to deliver the information wherever the audience might be.

People have started taking an interest in podcasts, especially during coronavirus-induced lockdown when they are eager to learn something new. So naturally, this urges them to search for more podcasts available across the platforms.

It has been on the rise every year considering its demand. Various studies have shown that people who frequently listen to podcasts spend nearly 5 hours per week listening to them.

Following are the types of podcasts:

  • The Interview Podcast: A podcast where one or two hosts interview some guests on a specific episode. This is a well-known format because it doesn’t always need much groundwork. Generally, the preparation comprises researching the interviewee and coming up with numerous questions to ask which a listener would like to know. To begin the podcast, one needs to have soft skills such as convincing guests to join and talk, interviewing skills, and producing podcast episodes regularly.
  • The Solo Podcast: It could be one of the best podcast formats for a beginner. These podcasts are usually presented as monologues, with one individual (the host) who operates the show. The content for solo podcasts could include opinion-based, news-related, a Q/A or any other style that one person can deliver. When it comes to technical operations, it becomes simple to produce because all one needs is voice and ways to know how to record a podcast and a subject to talk about. 
  • The Multi-Host Podcast: It is a form of podcasting with two or multiple hosts, which can be more energetic than a solo show. If one searches how to start a podcast and have a business partner, this could be an alternate option. These podcasts offer discussions that have unique opinions and perspectives, which can invite entertainment value for listeners who like to know about conversations and debates rather than a single person talking. When it comes to creators, there is less pressure to keep the audience engaged and interested as more people and more ideas are involved in the whole process.