Incredible Health Benefits of Brown Rice – Nutritional Value

Brown rice
Brown rice.

Rice is a staple, which is consumed almost by more than half of the world population for years now. Rice is one of the most popularly consumed carbohydrates. However, many individuals who suffer from certain diseases or are conscious about their weight do not prefer white rice. The carbohydrates it contains can be harmful to many people, which is why many people choose brown rice instead. 

Brown rice is enriched with many nutrients, which are important for our bodies. Brown rice is less processed in comparison to white rice for which those who want to incorporate rice in their diet prefer. There are two outer layers in brown rice called the bran and germ, which are full of vitamins and minerals. These two outer layers are removed from white rice when manufactured which reduces its nutritional compounds. 

Nutritional properties of Brown rice

 One cup of brown rice is enriched with:

Calories 216
Fiber 3.5 grams
Protein 5 grams
Fat 1.8 grams
Iron 5% of reference daily intake
Magnesium 21% of reference daily intake
Zinc 8% of reference daily intake
Carbohydrates 44 grams


What are the health benefits of Brown Rice?

  • It reduces the risk of Diabetes- Brown rice contains low levels of glycemic acid (GI) which prevents the blood sugar level from rising after you consume something. Diabetic patients prefer it, as it does not raise the blood sugar levels, rather it helps in reducing it if a proper diet plan is followed along with it. 
  • It is highly beneficial for a healthy heart- Brown rice is a rich source of dietary fiber for which helps in reduces the risk of death caused by heart disease. It is also enriched with magnesium, which makes an individual less vulnerable to a stroke or any other heart disease. 
  • It helps with weight loss- The high amount of dietary fiber in brown rice helps you stay full, which allows you to intake fewer calories. 
  • It helps in preventing Alzheimer’s disease It promotes better digestion
  • The magnesium in Brown rice keeps the bones healthy
  • It helps individuals with depression

Brown rice is enriched with numerous health benefits and is often suggested by health experts as well. Dishes made with brown rice, such as mixed fried rice, stir-fry rice bowl or chicken and rice, and many more. Including brown rice can be very effective towards health.