Assembly Election Results a Lifeline to Voiceless Opposition

Assembly Election Results a Lifeline to Voiceless Opposition

Assembly Election Results a Lifeline to Voiceless Opposition

The Maharashtra and Haryana assembly election results have given a lifeline to the Congress-led opposition. Opposition parties were looking to get much needed ammunition in their armoury, which was totally empty after the 2019 General Elections. They have got some missiles to lock horns with the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government in the forthcoming winter session of Parliament starting from November 18.

Eye-opener for BJP

The BJP lost elections in three states Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh last year but this wound was healed up easily with the thumping victory in the Lok Sabha polls. Although BJP emerged as the single largest party in the recently concluded Maharashtra and Haryana polls, but decreasing in number of seats is an eye-opener for the ruling party.

JJP emerges kingmaker

In fact Dushyant Chautala’s Jannayak Janata Party (JJP) came out as the kingmaker to bargain with the BJP. He is now the deputy chief minister of Haryana. It may be his dream to get such a coveted post after winning a meagre seats. Like cricket politics is also a great game of uncertainty, pendulum swings from one end to another in quick time.

Ajay Chautala granted furlough

The moment Dushyant was announced as the Dy CM of the state, his jailed father Ajay Chautala was granted furlough for two weeks. Ajay and his father, former Haryana chief minister Om Prakash Chautala both were sentenced in 2013 to 10 years of imprisonment for the involvement in the teachers’ recruitment scam.
Family first priority

Politicians always think about their family first. They never care for the others who voted them to power. Before the elections everyone speaks a lot to work for the common people but after the results they forget everything. Who is suffering? Common people of the nation. Many jailed inmates don’t know how the parole is granted. They don’t have approach to utilise this facility and spend some time with their families. But men with the political power have the access of everything.

Solve local issues first

The assembly election results of Maharashtra and Haryana have been an alarming bell for the saffron party. Common people don’t have time to think about Article 370 and other core national issues. Problems like unemployment, agony of farmers, hunger & starvation, social security and suffering of small businessmen are the major subjects of discussion in assembly polls.

Shortage of cash

Many sectors are badly hit due to lack of money flow in the market. Business class has been facing acute shortage of funds. Not to talk of new recruitment even old employees have been asked to leave the job. Despite getting higher degrees youths are sitting idle, running from pillar to post for getting a decent job.

National issues work in LS polls

In the Lok Sabha (LS) elections national issues were shrewdly manipulated by the NDA leaders. But the same idea doesn’t work every time. Pulwama terror attack and Balakot air strike both issues were fresh in the mind of people during the General Elections. Therefore voters from all walks of life came on one platform and categorically voted for BJP and its alliance.

Change in voters’ mood

BJP wrested all the 10 seats in Haryana Lok Sabha polls while in Maharashtra with the Shiv Sean they emerged victorious in 41 out of 48 seats. What went wrong in the mood of voters in five months time? People were parted away from the saffron party, despite Congress’ lacklustre campaign in Maharashtra,

Setback for BJP

It means local issues and leaderships are more potent in state assembly polls than the national issues. This is a key message from the result of two states assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana. A big blow for the BJP despite victories in both the states. People want to come out from the distress through good governance.

Life saving for opposition

The election results of Maharashtra and Haryana have been considered as the life saving pills for the Congress and other opposition parties. Some confidence has been restored among the top brass of the Congress. They can now think of shaking the strong ruling party. But it needs strategy, leadership quality and skill to muster people on one platform, as Sharad Pawar to some extent succeeded in Maharashtra. Who knows this may be the path of revival of the grand old party?

Congress-NCP improves

In spite of loss the Congress has improved its tally in Haryana, while in Maharashtra Congress and its ally Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) performed much better than the expectations. It is a big turnaround and morale boosting victory for oppositions after the dismal show in the Lok Sabha elections this year.

Opposition adamant to oppose

The Congress is set to oppose the government’s attempt to amend bill like citizenship law. Senior party leader and a member of the Rajya Sabha, said that it would have been “difficult” for them to raise different issues if the election results had seen a BJP sweep. These results are important for us to make the strategy for the winter session of Parliament,” said a Rajya Sabha leader of the Congress.

Slowdown of economy

The opposition parties are adamant to demand a long debate on the slow down of the economy. Coming down of the purchasing power of the people, deserted looking markets even during the festival season. It seems that money has been evaporated from the country. But government is dreaming to make India a global economic powerhouse with $5 trillion economy. What a joke with the countrymen?

Noisy winter session likely

Apart from these opposition is likely to raise the issues of the National Register of Citizens (NRC), government’s decision to allow 23-member European Union (EU) delegation to visit Jammu and Kashmir and many more to counter the ruling party in the centre. The winter session of parliament will commence from November 18 and continue till December 13.