Karnataka Bypolls: BJP Wants Majority, JD(S) Set to be Kingmaker

Karnataka Bypolls: BJP Wants Majority, JD(S) Set to be Kingmaker
15 assembly seats is going for bypolls in Karnataka today.
Karnataka Bypolls: BJP Wants Majority, JD(S) Set to be Kingmaker
15 assembly seats is going for bypolls in Karnataka today.

The election results of Haryana and Maharashtra have shown that the rise of political turmoil can take another route after the assembly elections when no party gets the majority. In this situation, negotiation remains the only option to make a strong coalition government. Dushyant Chautala and old warhorse of Indian politics Sharad Pawar emerged as kingmakers and helped to form government in Haryana and Maharashtra. 

Do or die situation in Karnataka 

The focus is on Jharkhand elections at this moment, where polls for 81 constituencies are underway. The top brass of all the parties is campaigning aggressively to turn the voters’ mind in the nick of the time. But the mini-battle in Karnataka is a do or die like situation for the BJP, Congress and JD (S). The Congress has cleared the air that it won’t hesitate to join hands with the Janata Dal (Secular) despite their 14 months bitter experience of the coalition government.

BJP needs six seats

Operation Kamal successfully executed its plan in the collapse of the HD Kumaraswamy led government in July following the rebellion by 17 MLAs. The BJP is not looking overconfident this time, it needs to bag at least six seats in the upcoming 15 constituencies polls in the state to remain in the majority. Remember Maski and RR Nagar seats are vacant. The by-polls will be held on December 5 and counting of votes will take place on December 9. 

Campaign on a war footing 

Chief minister Yediyurappa has been repeating the words of his two colleagues Manohar Lal Khattar and Raghuber Das, claiming the saffron party will emerge victorious in all the constituencies. The campaign for the by-polls is ending on Tuesday, political leaders are campaigning on a war footing to grab the attention of the voters at the eleventh hour. 

The new slogan “protect democracy”

With the formation of a new government in Maharashtra, the grand old party has started singing a new tune that is to “protect” democracy. Kharge, who is also Congress General Secretary in-charge of Maharashtra, where the party formed a coalition government in alliance with Shiv Sena and NCP and successfully managed to keep BJP out of power, noted the party took such a decision in the neighbouring state to “protect” democracy.

JD(S) likely to join hands with Congress

Another kingmaker is ready to emerge in Karnataka. Like Dushyant Chautala and Sharad Pawar JD(S) state president HK Kumaraswamy has cleared the air that his party is set to be a kingmaker after the results of by-elections in the state. He freely spills the beans and is ready to join hands with the Congress without any hesitation to keep the saffron party at bay. First, he has to stop the saffron outfit from winning the six seats, which is not just sipping a cup of tea for HK Kumaraswamy. 

Intervention in policies

Kingmakers never keep quiet after the government formation, they start taking keen interests in the policymaking strategy of the government. Their unnecessary intervention creates a division, which turns the relationship between the two factions dicey. Kingmakers try to drive a hard bargain for their benefits in the future. That led to the fall of a government. Nature of selfishness is the reason behind the suffering of most of the coalition governments before the completion of their tenure in the country. 

Congress accuses BJP

Mudslinging hah already started before the elections. Congress spokesperson VS Ugrappa said, “BJP leaders have blatantly forced independent candidates and JD(S) nominees to retire from the poll fray. This makes it clear that the by-polls are not being contested in a free and fair manner. The Election Commission must take note of it and initiate strict action against the BJP.”

Horse-trading may take place

If no party gets the majority then once again horse-trading would be on the rampage in Karnataka. Political parties will have to shift their MLAs in resorts and hotels and keep them in such places as captives. At present, most MLAs are ready to turncoat over the mounting pressure of huge amount of money. 

The defection of MLAs has defamed Indian politics and more and more corruption is penetrating in the political arena. Earlier, money was spent before the elections now the trend has changed and a big chunk of money is required after the results also to bargain for the MLAs and MPs. Everyone should condemn such shameful act in Indian politics, which must be abolished at any cost.