World Homeopathy Day | Can Homeopathy Help in Fighting Coronavirus?

World Homeopathy Day | Can Homeopathy Boost Your Immune System?
On World Homeopathy Day, we explore how homeopathy is a viable option to boost your immune system.
World Homeopathy Day | Can Homeopathy Boost Your Immune System?
On World Homeopathy Day, we explore how homeopathy is a viable option to boost your immune system.

The World Homeopathy Day is observed every year on April 10 in respect of the father of homeopathic medicine, Dr Samuel Hahnemann. He was born on this day in Germany. He was a physician better known for inventing a new system of medicine called homeopathy.

Can Homeopathy Boost the Immune System? Here is your answer.

Treatment on symptoms

Homeopathy medicine is a form of treatment where medicine is prescribed as per the symptoms of the patients rather than the real disease. The system believes that the body can cure itself. The dose is important in treatment, in homeopathic lesser dose increases the potency of a medicine, which is unusual.

Triggers natural defence

Homeopathy activates the natural defence system of the human body. It is a perception that when the onion is peeled, then it makes our eyes water. Therefore, red onion is the medicine of allergy in homeopathic medicine. Hence, medicines in homeopathy are prepared from poison, different plants, white arsenic, and so on.

A homeopathic doctor will ask a plethora of questions from the patient. The questions will be based on their mental, physical and emotional problems. After listening to everything, then the doctor prescribes pills that match most of the symptoms of the patients. Despite tall claims by the homeopathic practitioners, there is no medicine for life-threatening illness and for emergencies in this stream of medical science.

A hollow claim of COVID-19 treatment

When novel coronavirus was taking root in the world, then AYUSH released the name of homeopathic medicine ‘Arsenicum album 30’ for the prevention of COVID-19. But the claim proved hollow. The reality is that neither vaccines or medicines are available at the moment for the cure of COVID-19. But homeopathy can certainly help in building the immune system of the body, thereby, helping the human body to strengthen itself against coronavirus or COVID-19 infection.

Medicine of the immune system

The immune system needs to be strong for the protection of our body which saves us from the attack of various microbes. People, particularly children of low immune, frequently face health difficulties like:

  • Catches cold regularly
  • faces infections like bronchitis, ear infections or skin infections
  • Delay in healing wounds
  • Underweight

Homeopathic doctors always suggest that this form of treatment is very potent in boosting the immune power in children and adults. They prescribe some common medicine for immune-boosting such as – Gelsemium, Oscillococcinum, Lycopodium 30, Sabadilla 30 and many more.

Homeopathy in India

In India, homeopathy is famous because it is cheap, and most of the time patients don’t have to undergo tests. After setting up AYUSH by the government of India, the number of homeopathic colleges has been increasing in India. Overall, the percentage of homeopathic doctors is 37 per cent in AYUSH. Therefore, India is one of the biggest drug manufacturers in homeopathy. Another belief of the people in India is that there are no side-effects in homeopathic medicine which is not wholly true.

World homeopathy day is celebrated to create awareness among people about homeopathy. In some unusual diseases, homeopathic medicine works like magic, but one should avoid it in cases of more serious ailments.