10 Perfect Ideas for Women to get Inked

Tattoos for women

Tattoos for womenLonging to get inked but cannot decide the best spot? Don’t worry, you are not the only confused soul! Most people end up taking more time deciding about the placement of the tattoo than the design itself. And yes, that’s perfectly fine! Tattooing is not just a contemporary fad, its an age-old art form. Tattoos can be one of the finest expressions of self, provided you are sitting under the right needle. Just as the design itself, choosing that perfect spot to set your design upon is actually one hell of a task. There are a thousand things that have to be kept in mind while deciding about the positioning of the tattoo.

First things first, you must understand that it’s a permanent thing! After going through an unimaginably painful experience, you would definitely not like to regret about this throughout your life. So, both the design and the positioning have to be given a serious thought. The other thing that has a say in your decision is your level of pain endurance. Some body parts are much more painful for a tattoo than the others. How much pain are you willing to take for a tattoo is your own call! Additionally, working professionals have to be more careful when choosing the right place. Surveys suggest that people with visible tattoos often get sidelined by the firms for unprofessionalism.

So if you have been struggling with the same hitch for quite some time, here is a list of some of the coolest ideas for getting a modish yet chic tattoo look!

1. Sides of the Wrist/Hand:

One of the best places for getting a tattoo done is the side of your wrist (both inner and outer) or the hand. This also happens to be an area with a less painful experience and works perfectly well for smaller tattoos or quotes. Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra flaunts a tattoo at the same place!

2. Collar Bone/Clavicle

The level of pain in this area totally depends on the size of your tattoo. If it’s a small tattoo like that of a star it won’t hurt much but if you plan to stretch it till your shoulder it might turn painful. The best thing about this place is that you can easily hide or flaunt the tattoo as per your wish!

3. Ankle/Feet

Ankle/Feet tattoos are much in vogue for women owing to the femininity they hold! Whether it is a big design or a smaller one, your foot is a great place to get a tattoo done. Tattoos in anklet forms look very feminine and classy. Actress Deepika Padukone has an anklet tattoo with her initials. Tattoos on the upper part of the foot tend to hurt the most.

4. Sides of your Fingers

This is the latest fad! The sides of your fingers are apt for smaller tattoos or words. Since the size of the tattoo on this part will be small, you will never have to regret it later on. You could also hide them under the rings when needed. Additionally, the pain at this place is also minimal!

5. Upper Back/ Nape

One of the most fashionable locations for a tattoo is the back of your neck, just where the spinal cord begins. The pain sensitivity here can be higher as it will hit right on your spine bone. But if you can endure the pain, you have nailed the best part to get a tattoo done.

6. Outer Forearm

Tattoos on outer forearm look good on both men and women. Though the larger space of your forearm allows you to go for picture tattoos also, it is better to choose words for this area. A simple line of quote looks much cooler than a picture on the forearm. For a feminine look, get a bracelet tattoo done!

7. Back of the Shoulder

This is the most typical location for a tattoo among women. Both script and picture tattoos can be designed on this part. However, it can be quite painful because of the bony base. Actress Esha Deol flaunts Gayatri Mantra on this part.

8. Behind the Ear

A small tattoo behind the ear looks extremely beautiful and adds an extra oomph to your personality. You can easily hide it behind your hair locks when required. Also, this are tends to be one of the least painful because of the less number of nerve ending here.

9. Midriff

If you are on the bolder side, you can to get your midriff inked. It is a little difficult to get a tattoo done on this part as it tends to tickle a bit and pain a lot more. It may take a longer time for your skin to heal. But once you manage to overcome the blocks, what you get is a super-hot tattoo that deserves attention!

10. Ribs

And lastly, the most freaky location! The ribcage is the most painful location to get the needle on due to the multiple bone structure. Those with low pain endurance should definitely avoid this area. Both, pictures and scripts look great at this location.