Five Ways to Glam Up Your Office Wardrobe

Trendy office wardrobe

Trendy office wardrobeJust because you spend most of your time in office doesn’t really mean that you must look dull and boring! Who says office wear cannot make you look glamorous enough? Just a little bit of effort can spruce up your attire modishly and make you a lot more confident at work. All you need to do is a little mix and match and you are all set to impress the bosses! Thinking about how to do this? Just take a chill and follow these simple styles to look like a corporate diva!

1. Cape Blazers

Never heard of them? Sleek and Classy, a cape blazer is a blazer with slit sleeves and an edgy hem. A key piece to brace your wardrobe with style and eminence, this is absolutely a must-have!

2. Shirt Dress

Tired of wearing boring shirts to the office? It’s time to try the shirt dresses this season! Spring 2015 brings in the fashionista’s favourite back to the wardrobe. Take your inspiration from neutral shades and get that perfect corporate look!

3. Culottes/Wide-leg Trousers

Drop those masculine suit pants and get into the 70s style palazzo trousers to look meticulously chic and stylish. Choose between the classic black or the elegant white for your upscale convocations. A white shirt with grey culottes will look stunningly graceful for the office wardrobe!

4. Pencil Skirt

This is a timeless wardrobe essential for boosting your confidence to a great extent! Pencil skirts flatter your figure by enhancing your curves and making you look slimmer. When worn with shirts, they give you that stark corporate look that every woman desires!

5. High-waist Skinny Pants

This particular piece of clothing lets you experiment with a number of looks for the office! You can club these high-waist pants with tucked-in shirts or neutral tops or even with blazers. Instead of the regular whites and blacks, go for subtle checks and stripes.


1. To come out of the monotony of a dull schedule, try playing with colours! Shun those regular choices and be confident enough to choose different. Go for burgundy, peaches, mint green, rust and mauves!

2. Accentuate your dull outfits by donning statement jewellery pieces. Don’t go overboard and choose one at a time. Statement neckpieces or rings can work wonders for the sleek look.

3. Don’t shy away from wearing heels to the office! Of course, pumps and stilettoes may look a little offshore for the place but wearing block heels can do a good job for you.

4. Keep changing your hairdos every day! If you let them loose most of the time, tie them for a change! Or do the vice versa! Instead of the simple pony tails, braid your hair in fish tails or French tails!

5. Wearing a lot of make-up to the office is indeed a big no-no! But what you can definitely do for a change is an experiment with the lip colour! Try your hand on earthy tones like plum, burgundy and brown for runway inspirations!