10 Spring & Summer Trends To Watch Out For in 2015!

Summer trends for women

Summer trends for womenFor all the fashionistas who have been eagerly awaiting the seasonal change, it’s finally time to embrace the most sumptuous time of the year! Summers are almost here and the runways are exhorting us to switch over to the beguiling style of the season! So, what are you waiting for? Stroll into the summers modishly as we bring to you the trending styles of 2015!

1. Gingham Style

No, this is definitely not the Gangnam style that you may be thinking about! Gingham is all about the tiny check over a cotton fabric. These small checks are running through runways like never before. The best thing about this print is its universality that lets you wear it anytime and anyway.

2. Culottes

Much has been spoken about this super-trendy style of pants that are an absolute must-have this season! Impressively comfortable and stylish, culottes are the perfect replacement for the skin-tight jeans that makes you feel clammy in the sun. Pair them up with crop-tops, linen blazers and heels for an ultra-chic look.

3. Denim

Who wants to stick to the basics when there is a plethora of options to explore? Denims are a classic piece of statement but the year 2015 gives them a really modish update of style! Go ahead with a patchy, washed-out or a rugged look to flaunt this fashion this summer. Shirts, Jackets or Dresses, feel free to choose your own line of style!

4. Asymmetrical Tailoring

With a major 70s influence on fashion, a bohemian look is what you can gleefully boast this season. Dump out anything too tight and breeze away in the flowy silhouettes! Watch out for pieces with asymmetrical hems to spell some hotness all around. This unconstrained style gives you all the freedom to be as eccentric as you can!

5. Polo Shirts

Moving ahead with a sporty theme, Spring/Summer 2015 reckons the comeback of the urbane polo-style! Right from the grounds to the fashion runways, polos are a major hit amongst the designers. Wear them with hot pants, skirts, as a dress or any other way, but you cannot simply resist this trend!

6. Khaki

Since 2015 is all about going off-track, the colour trends this summer are no less surprising. Forget the usual blacks and whites as the refreshing military hues are here to stay. For a soothing attire to combat the heat, choose from a vast spectrum of military greens, Khaki and other earthy tones.

7. Kimono Style

Coming all the way from the Far-east, the Japanese traditional style takes over the runway this year. Kimonos are one of the coolest add-ons for your wardrobe in summers. The slouchy design and the exotic feel of this garment makes it a sure-shot winner. You can go for the traditional Kimono dresses or choose from the kimono-style tops and jackets.

8. Trouser Suits

Gone are the days when trouser suits were only meant for the corporates! To juxtapose the femininity of trends this year, the androgynous tailoring is here to make you feel strong and powerful. This masculine influence on the feminine attire is much more sophisticated than you can imagine.

9. Flats and Sandals

If you have been dreading those sky-high heels that are too painful to be worn, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief as flats make a surprising comeback this year. Sandals, sliders, sneakers or gladiators — feel free to choose the one that keeps your feet happy!

10. Miniature Bags

And last but not the least is this petite fashion statement that cannot be overruled at any cost! No outfit is ever complete without a bag to match up the style and this year the small beauties seem to be going big in trend. Mini-crossovers or the exquisite shiny jewels called Minaudiéres, choose the one that fits the bill!