10 Must-Have Accessories for Women

Accessories for women

Accessories for womenEven the best of clothes cannot glam up your look as much as a simple piece of accessory does. A few add-ons here and there can, not only stylize your attire but also give you an edge over the crowd. The only trick here is to keep it minimal! While there is absolutely no limit to the number of accessories one should own, there are indeed a few pieces that are must-haves for women. So without much ado, here is a list of ten accessories you cannot afford to miss in your wardrobe!

1. A Statement Neckpiece

Donning a statement neckpiece is the best way to enhance any attire. This piece of jewellery is an absolute must for all. Summers or winters, Indian or western, casual or formal; statement neckpieces are classic purchases. You can choose from a variety of styles including bold and chunky, pearls, blings or metals!

2. A Wristlet

What makes them the apt choice for all times is their perfect size. Wristlets or clutches are neither too small nor too big to handle, therefore, most women prefer carrying these over wallets or satchels. Holding a metallic or a blingy wristlet is a statement in itself.

3. Opaque Tights

Tights aren’t just for fall, they are evergreen! Opaque tights are actually the best option for a wearing on throughout the year. While the classic black colour dresses you up elegantly, the vibrant hues add more life to your outfit in summers. Skirts, dresses or long tops; opaque tights go beautifully well with both the formal and the casual look.

4. Bold Sunshades

Not every time are the sunglasses used only to cover those puffy eyes or worn out look! A good pair of sunshades is the easiest way to glam up your attire without having to do much. Try out the absolute round shape, the oversized or the mirror glass sunglasses that are much in vogue.

5. A Scarf

A timeless addition in your wardrobe, scarves are one of the most versatile accessories to add elegance in your style. A silk scarf is an investment that every woman should indulge in. You can wrap them over shirts, dresses, jumpsuits or even t-shirts. Choose from digital prints and bold colours to make a statement.

6. Corset Belts

Tired of looking out for that perfect fitting in every outfit? Forget the hitch and accentuate your curves just by putting on a waist belt. Waist belts not only make you look effortlessly seductive but also keep your posture straight. Classic corset belts have become much popular for they can be worn both over and under the dress. Depending upon the thickness, you can wear them over maxi dresses, midis or over-sized tops.

7. Heeled Pumps

No matter how painful a task it is to wear them, a woman cannot survive without a pair of high heels that makes her look slimmer and sexier. A stylish pair of black or nude pumps are an absolute must for every wardrobe. You can wear them to the office or for casual hangouts to get those stunning long legs that will steal away the attention.

8. Neutral Nail Lacquer

Dump the reds and the blacks, it’s the season of the nudes! Just as the Little Black Dresses and the red lipsticks, nude nails is an eternal fad that makes any style look classy and chic. You can go wrong with bold shades, but neutral tones will never let you down. For that extra-feminine touch in your look, you must pick up the shade that accentuates your skin tone.

9. Headpieces

Coming right from the runway is this stunning trend that is sure to make you look like a diva! Turn over a new leaf this changing season by accessorising your hair with statement headpieces. You really don’t need a hairstyle to flaunt these gorgeous add-ons. Just select a piece that flatters you and use it as the only accessory in your look. You can choose from floral strings, jewelled pieces, headbands and a lot more.

10. Ear Cuffs

The punked-out trendsetters have been plunging their hands upon this edgy ear swag that has taken over the entire fashion fraternity. From celebs to the runway posers, ear cuffs have taken a hold on ears everywhere. There is no better way to glam up your cartilages without having to go through the painful ear piercings! Right from the dainty cuffs to the bold statement pieces, there is a style for everyone.