1. Lilac Hair

Beauty Trends That Will Rock 2019-Lilac Hair

Enough with the dark blacks and browns. Let’s add the colour pop. And, start right from your head. Lilac is a very soothing colour to most eyes and also goes with most skin tones. You don’t exactly need to be super fair to pull this one off. And, if covering the whole length of your hair in this beautiful purple hue seems a little outrageous to you, you can still save your fashion game. Highlights never hurt anyone (unless the colour you choose is really obnoxious). The best thing about lilac is that you get to see tints of pink here and there amidst the shroud of the gorgeous light purple. Smokey and metallic lilac are trending. Pick your style and flaunt it like you invented it.

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2019 Beauty Trends Everybody's Talking About
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2019 Beauty Trends Everybody's Talking About
This blog discusses the top 2019 beauty trends that are highly likely to be followed. So, here's your chance to keep up and know them beforehand. Be a fashion pro.