5 Smart Ideas to Dress-up for a Sunday Brunch

Dress Up for Sunday Brunch Outfits

Dress Up for Sunday Brunch Outfits

Meeting up your girls for a Sunday brunch? Here is all you need to know about dressing up the best way! Brunches are all about friends, food and fashion and you really don’t want to be any less on style! So, here are five dressing styles to gild your look for that perfect brunch party!

1. A Dress

Never in the world can you think of wearing jeans to the brunch parties! It’s absolutely a big no-no! A brunch is all about being chic and stylish and wearing jeans is way too casual. Shun that pair of denims and get into a pretty girly dress to be a diva in style. However, remember to keep it classy by not going too short. A simple sheath or a midi-dress can be the perfect choice for this occasion. Since it’s spring time, feel free to get into that frock-style dress that you have been hiding in your closet. Opt for light pastel shades than any dark colour. You can also go in for flower prints and light ruffles.

2. Skirts

Skirts can look equally modish if you carry them in the right way! In fact, they make for a better choice as you can customise the whole look with your own style statement. Skirts are also more comfortable and quite perfect for a relaxed look. The trick here is again to keep it sober. Don’t go for anything too short. Grab a printed or a polka dot midi-skirt with plain pastel shirt or a crop-top! Another classy look can be decked by wearing a bright coloured Silk Full-Skirt with a neutral top. You can also get into a denim skirt with a serene white georgette shirt or a top.

3. Bermudas

If you think shorts are only good enough to be worn to the beaches, you are probably not well-versed with style. While too-fitted and too-high shorts can definitely be a mistake for a brunch, one with a medium or a knee-length would be the right piece for this look. For a more feminine look, go for shorts with a scalloped hem or a skirt style. To add up on delicacy, pay heed to details like prints and pastels. Tuck in a georgette shirt or a puff-sleeved top in high-waist Bermudas for an elegant look. Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is one of the best celebrities to look up to for that perfect brunch attire.

4. Trousers

While a fitted denim or a pair of jeggings are complete turn-offs for a brunch date, trousers can be a good alternative if you really want to cover-up your legs. Since it’s a semi-formal, semi-casual kind of occasion, there is no reason to feel out-of-sync with them. The only rule is to avoid going too formal with them. Put away those button-down blouses that you wear to the office and get into a sexy peasant top or racer-backs. Choose light colours over blacks and blues for both the trouser and the top. You can also play with the flare of your pants by selecting a wide-leg or bell-bottoms.

5. Culottes

Dump all the usual stuff and get into these ultra-cool must-haves this year! Palazzos and straight-fits are so out of fashion for spring. It’s time to embrace this extremely plushy line of style that comes straight from the runway. Why wear tight when you can look equally chic and dressy in the loose? A Sunday brunch is only for you to loosen up a bit and have a relaxing time with your friends. Culottes are a perfect choice for such occasions! Keep it trendy by pairing them with a high neck, sleeveless top. You also have a choice of going plain or printed in design. Wear a thin belt around the waist to accentuate your figure.

Along with choosing the right outfit for the brunch, you must also keep in mind the rules of accessorising! Always remember to keep it minimal yet stylish. Go for pastels instead of the darker or shocking hues. Pinks, peaches and mint-greens are the best choices! Never think of wearing pencil heels to a brunch! Either go for flats or the wedges while choosing your footwear. Don’t go overboard with make-up and stick to the neutral shades. A statement clutch and a pair of funky sunglasses is absolutely a must! As for the jewellery, nothing too chunky will be acceptable. And last but not the least, keep your look subtle and relaxed!