Five Eyewear Trends to Follow this season!

Eyewear Trends

Eyewear Trends

A good pair of sunglasses can instantly jazz up a plain-Jane look into something chic and stylish. While it is infinitely essential to have this accessory, there is absolutely no limit to the styles you may want to own! Every season brings along a change in fashion trends that pave way for some new looks and styles. Spring 2015 is all about a modern look with vintage designs. Still wondering? Here’s a quick look at the eye wear trends to follow:

1. Mirrored Sunglasses

This ultra-cool trend made gleaming entry last year with plans of staying for long! Mirrored sunglasses with vibrantly reflective optical frames have become a rage amongst both men and women. These funky glasses go well with every outfit and look incredibly stylish on everyone. With shades like Aqua blue, Purple, Sea-Green and blazing Red, mirrored sunglasses are one of the best ways to add a dash of colour to your outfit.

2. Round Shapes

If you have been a fan of John Lennon, you know exactly what I am talking about! The retro-inspired classic round shape has made a stylish comeback with modern designs and interesting combinations. A full black rim, mirrored glass, oversized baroque shape or a jewelled frame — these round beauties come in a number of styles. Select the one that suits your face and nothing can stop you from looking ultra-modish.

3. Bright and Colourful Statement Makers

For a season that symbolises joy and vibrancy, anything without colour is so not acceptable! It’s time to brighten up your eyes with a pair of bright frames available in eccentric hues. Go for colours like neon pinks, lime, electric blue and tangy orange. The only thing to be kept in mind is to avoid being too matchy. Choose your favourite colour and flaunt the style with a confident streak!

4. Butterfly/Cat-eye

The sexiest eyewear trend this season is that of the cat-eye! These uber-classy sunglasses can make a hot statement when paired with a bright red lipstick. Wear them on a date or to the office and watch people go crazy about your sultry look. The best thing about these glasses is their shape, which looks equally beguiling on every face!

5. The Jewelled Glares

No matter what the season is, bling can never go out of fashion! But instead of blinging up your clothes, it’s time to add some glitter to your sunglasses! Sparky eyewear with Swarovski elements and rhinestones is the catch of the season. Choose to go crazy in style by picking up a unique shape and design. These sunglasses come in some very out-of-the-box geometric silhouettes that can be your personal style statement.

With a plethora of uber-cool styles and shapes, the eyewear trends this season are all set to impress the fashionistas! So don’t miss on your chance of looking incredibly high on fashion by flaunting a quirky pair of sunglasses.