8 Must-Have Metallics In Your Wardrobe

Metallic outfits and accessories

Metallic outfits and accessoriesGet ready to bounce off the lights on the streets as the fashion guild lunges on to the metallic motifs this season! Spring 2015 is all about a shimmering attire with glitz, glam and lots of shine. Add a heavy tint of metal in your wardrobe to don that right-from-the-runway look in style. Take a pick from the hues of golden, silver, bronze or copper and walk the streets with a confident look. Here are some ways of adding that glowing touch in your attire.

1. Statement Jewellery

Easiest of them all, a statement jewellery piece is the best way to add metallics in your look. If you aren’t really confident about this fashion, stick to the basics. Depending upon your outfit, you can wear a neck piece, a handcuff bracelet, an ear cuff or even a hair accessory.

2. A Clutch

For those ultra-stylish souls who religiously follow trends, metallic clutches are the catch of the season. The fashion addicts are going gaga over this style that has already taken over the streets. Dull silver and coppery-golden are the best for the day look. While for the evenings, you can go as blingy as you want to.

3. Metallic Wedges/Platforms

A subtle metallic sheen in your footwear can give you that perfect highlight any time. You don’t have to get into those glittery high heels to add the dazzle. Putting comfort on priority, grab a pair of wedges or platforms with a subdued touch of metal. Colours like silver, charcoal grey and bronze go suitably well with every outfit.

4. A Short Skirt

When done wrong, metallic clothing can totally be a disaster. But if you get the basics right, you can easily pull off the look with enough confidence and style. Always remember to keep it minimal when dressing up in metallic. Choose one piece of clothing at a time. It is better to keep the shine away from your face to avoid looking like an android. A metallic skirt in a matte look can be great choice for both day and night. A combination of white and silver will be suitable for a day look.

5. Nail Paint

The signature metallic look of the season can also be incorporated in your nail embellishments. Neutral metals or mirrored metallics, you can play around with both the styles. A gleaming touch on the nails will give you that chic and classy look that impresses the onlooker. There is absolutely no limitation in terms of the colour you may want to flaunt.

6. Foil Finish Eye Liners

Adding a tint of metallics to your make-up will give you an edge over the usual routine. Dramatise your look by painting the eyelids in hues of silver or gold. A metallic eye liner is all you need to look luminously fresh and attractive. You can choose to go bold by lining the lids with a thick stroke or keep it minimal by highlighting the inner corner of your eyes.

7. Scarf

A scarf is a staple accessory that can be worn throughout the year. Adding a metallic gleam to the ruffles around your neck will glam you up graciously. Depending upon your style, you can choose to flaunt solid colours like gold and silver or go with intricate metallic embellishments. A shimmery scarf can be teamed up with causal t-shirts, blazers and even dresses.

8. Phone Cover

And last but not the least, your phone cover offers a minimalist opportunityto ooze those metallic vibes. If you don’t want to experiment with your look, simply add on a metallic cover to your phone. This will not only save you from going wrong with the look but also be your style statement.

The metalled look is easy to flaunt and can lift up any attire if done the right way. Always remember to keep it minimal and choose one colour at a time. Also, pick according to your skin -tone.

Embrace the metallic look with a great deal of confidence and you are all set to emblazon the streets!