How to dress up for a Destination Wedding

Dresses for destination wedding

Dresses for destination weddingReceiving an invitation to attend a destination wedding can get you to-ing and fro-ing about the dress code you might have to follow! Every place has its own p’s and q’s that should be kept in mind while choosing the right outfit for the occasion. Dressing up for a destination wedding can be quite tricky, if you don’t follow a few ground rules.

So if you have just opened an invitation for a theme-based wedding and you are still wondering what to wear, here is a quick guide on how you should be dressing for some of the most typical kind of destination weddings!

1. Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are one of the most popular non-traditional choices that people make for their big day. While the beauty of a beach can add volumes to the idea of a dream wedding, holding on to the traditional glory can be a task. The weather at the beach can be quit sticky and humid, therefore, wearing a highly embellished attire is big no-no! As for the fabrics, always remember to keep it fluidic. Go for chiffon, georgette, linen or organza. Colours like teal, aqua, peach, yellow, pink etc. are the perfect choices for the occasion. Don’t think of wearing heavy anarkali or lehengas on the beach. Instead, go for well fish-cut gowns, palazzo pants, dhoti with jacket blouses or even crop tops with silk skirts. As for the footwear, you have no choice other than the flats.

2. Royal Weddings

Royal weddings set up a grand stage for splurge and extravaganza. Right from the couple to the people invited, everybody gets to show royalty in panache.
A royal wedding takes you back to the iconic Mughal Era which symbolised luxury and opulence. Going by the theme, here you can don a heavily embellished look with glitzy attire and lots of jewels.

Lehengas, anarkalis and dhotis are the perfect choices for such weddings. You can go for fabrics like Raw Silk, Velvet, Brocade, Zari and Jamawar. For that proper royal look, play around with your jewellery by choosing chokers, Matha-Pattis, Hath Phools and Jhoomars. For colours, you have a wide variety to choose from. Bright hues of red, pink, orange and navy blue with look absolutely stunning at a royal destination wedding!

3. Cruise Weddings

Consider yourself lucky if you have been invited to this very unusual wedding affair! Cruise weddings are one of the most special kinds of weddings you can ever attend in your life. However, they are also the trickiest to handle. First and foremost, the outfit you choose to wear should be wearable for both day and night. Long gowns and subtle lehenga cholis should be the right choices for you. Flashy tones of yellow, orange and neon pinks will make you stand out against the blue bed of the ocean.

Don’t go for fabrics that are too flowy or else you would end up playing around with your outfit. As for the makeup, keep it minimal! Bling on your look those swarovskis and pearls.

4. Extravagant Weddings

What if you receive an invitation for a luxurious wedding at the Sainik Farms? You will certainly end up fretting about your attire! After all, who wouldn’t like to keep up with the class and panache of a high-profile wedding? And to do so you have to choose something that is chic and stylish. A well-fitted gown or a trouser-saree will look absolutely mod and elegant.

The only rule is to keep it subtle and minimal. Go with colours like peach, black, white or burgundy for a classier look. Even if it’s a night time function, don’t wear anything that is too flashy. Highlight only one aspect of your look. You can try out the ultra-modish headpieces or simply don a statement neckpiece. A delicate minaudiere in your hand and you are all set for posh wedding!


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