Donning Leather Jackets in Style

Leather jackets in style
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Leather jackets in style

It’s winters, ladies! That time of the year when even the ultra-mod fashion rooters turn achromatic. Winters do bring a bit of dullness all around but as they say, there is always a bright side of everything. Who says adding layers cannot be stylish enough to walk the runway? Every season has a signature style that becomes its defining expression. Looking on the flip side, winters have a lot more to offer than the summers! Overcoats, mufflers, jackets, hoodies, ponchos; there is just so much that this beautiful season offers to style your attire in a hep way.

Talking about the fashion spell, one of the most chic styles that has almost become a connecting thread over the past few decades is a simple leather jacket! Owing to its fair share of masculinity, not many of us are convinced about the poise it brings to our attire. But if you ask someone who breathes fashion, a leather jacket is the most prized possession in the winter season. Of course, a good leather jacket can prove to be heavy on the pockets but its classic prominence makes it a worthy splurge. Still apprehensive, are you? Have a look at some of the most gorgeous ways to don that perfect look with a leather jacket-

1. With a pair of rugged jeans

There is nothing more swag than wearing a classic leather jacket with a pair of ripped jeans. Get that typical rocker look by teaming a black leather jacket with a white tee and a grey ripped jeans. You can go more rough by opting an all black look. Get in to those brown combat boots and you are all set to burn the streets with that dapper look. If you want to look more feminine, go for a brown leather jacket with a simple white racer-back and rugged denims/white jeggings. Instead of the boots, grab a pair of tan stilettos.

2. With a Maxi Dress

Who says that leather jackets can only give you a masculine look? Ever tried them with a long maxi? For that extra-femininity in your style, toss a leather jackets over a flowing maxi dress in prints or bold colors! The best thing about this look is that you can go with it at all times. Be it a casual brunch or a shopping day-out or a just a dinner, you will never fail to look absolutely stunning in this attire.

3. With Skirts

Long, short, pencil or frilly, nothing can go wrong with a leather jacket. All you need to do is to choose your style and accessorize accordingly! A pencil skirt gives you much more freedom to choose your footwear. Combat boots, bellies, wedges or high-heels- you have an array of options to choose from. Make a statement with bold colors or monochrome prints by keeping the accessories minimal.

4. With that Little Black Dress

Perfect for those special dates and dinners, nothing beats an oversized jacket tossed over the shoulders with a short dress. This super-hot look will give you that edge over the crowd . Leather jackets worn over dresses look sensuously appealing and make you feel much more confident about yourself.

5. With High-Waist Trousers

If you want to go more formal, team up a white georgette shirt with a high-waist trouser or pallazzo and hang on a sleek leather jacket. Feminize the look by donning a statement neck piece. For an office look, choose pastel shades for the trouser. Hues of peach or mint green can be best chosen to keep the look classy yet intriguing.

So, now that you have a variety of options to choose your look from, shed your inhibitions and get yourself the perfect leather jacket this winter!