Fashion Trends and Fads to Follow This Diwali

Diwali Fashion
When the festive time is around, the fashion pressure is way too much

Fashion Trends and Fads to Follow This Diwali

It is not always easy to stay on the top of your game when it comes to fashion. And, when the festive time is around, the pressure is way too much. Firstly, one has to keep up with the latest fads and don it with such style and grace that the next girl can’t beat it. True story! However, the way on the red carpet to the Diwali party can be more easily aced than you think. Just keep in mind the following fashion trends and fads to follow this Diwali and you’d turn heads for sure.

1. A Little Black Dress

A Little Black Dress

You can never go wrong with this one. A skater or a sheath black dress is a way to go if you’re planning to make big impressions with little spending. Pair it with red or black stilettos and walk your way into the diva-hood.

2. Crop Tops Laced with Silk Pants and Alladin Jackets – Fly High with This One

Crop tops are both sexy and classy. And, pairing them with silk pants inevitably lifts the class quotient. But, if midriff-baring is worrying you, then the silk pairs also come in high waist option. The extra layer of Alladin jacket is just the icing on the cake.

3. Bet on Velvet

What is classy, dressy, and has a royal touch? No points for guessing. Velvet, thanks to its glossy sheen, manages to stand on its own every single time. It glorifies everything it touches, whether it’s a skirt, top, or dress. Also, think about donning a white saree with a red velvet blouse – a cherry on the cake.

4. Camisole with Indian Prints Graced Pencil Skirts – Make a Statement

What’s a modern way to celebrate the cultural festival of Diwali? Simple, go for the fusion wear. Wear sleek pencil skirts with stylish Indian prints on them, such as ikat, paisleys, patola, block, or dabu. Get them on a cloth stuff with festive hues like marsala, jewel green, purple, and more. To bring on the maximum effect, make your attire complete with a solid coloured camisole. Use an embroidered dupatta if the occasion doesn’t fit for showing that much skin.

5. Anarkali – Basically All You Need

Anarkali - Trends to Follow this Diwali

A bright-colored Anarkali can never disappoint in the atmosphere of festivity. This de-facto party attire works wonder for your silhouette for it streamlines the whole body, giving you a nice shape and feel. Plus, they are really comfy to dance around in. it is one of the top fashion trends and fads to follow this Diwali. Choose a one with a border with gold brocade. Use a golden or silver brooch if it’s a relatively plain on the upper part. The metal jewellery looks perfect with these.

6. Pacy Lacy Sarees

Lacy Sarees

Do we need to say it out loud that traditional saree would effortlessly help you steal the limelight? There’s no dearth of designer sarees today. But honestly, Diwali attires need not be that taxing on your wallet – all you need to do is add bling with elegance. Gold and red are trending these days. But, so is experimentation. So, don’t hesitate to try the 9-yard drape in interesting colors like tangerine, fuchsia, emerald green, and violet. A lacy saree is in this season and can obviously do wonders to your charm. Wear nice choker and a cocktail ring, and you’re good to go.

7. Slitted Kurtis – Fab and Fad

Slitted Kurtis- Fashion to Follow this Diwali


An ankle length, multi-slit Kurti is one thing that can cast spell equally well at your office parties as well as on the big Diwali bash. Its sobriety gives a subtle dash of sophistication while simultaneously raising the style bar. And, when worn with a flared skirt, the magic simply multiplies. It’s also the in-thing with the celebs these days.
Also, there’s another kind of Kurti that is doing the rounds – the Kurti with front-slit. They look nice on both short and tall people. Pair them with cigarette pants & peep toes, and see how the magic unfolds and pushes you straight to the center of the limelight.

8. Maxi Dress for Maximum Allure

Maxi Dress

Long dresses have something about them. For being able to work up beautifully any body type, they are one stylish outerwear that will never let you down at successfully flaunting yourself. Choose desi prints in them to jazz up your rather traditional get-togethers. Or, bring the best of both the worlds together. Slip into Indo-Western fusion printed gown. They will keep the necessary traditional vibes intact for a festival like Diwali and will also give you the much-needed modernity touch for high-spirited parties.

9. Sequin for the Queen

Sequin Top - Fashion to Follow this Diwali

What screams ‘Let’s Party’ without being overwhelming? It’s the ever-shining, ever-glowing sequin number. Sequins are all equipped to breathe life into any dead cloth. Either it’s a full-fledged dress, top, or a skirt, you can shimmer your way in the limelight easily with this exquisite piece.

So, what are you wearing to Diwali celebration this year? Tell us in the comment section below.