Know about the latest fashion trends for 2022

The FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week Fashion Week 2022 was held in Mumbai, where such new enormous trends were seen after two years. They were unique in themselves.

Inspired by the soon to be launched Lakme Absolute Explore eye collection, the designers developed a futuristic ‘Earthbound’ range. The 80’s fashion that too in a more glamorous avatar. Big and bold shoulders, bright colours, rock chic, and statement style made fashion vibrant.

Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey, who was always the subject of discussion among the youngsters with her cute look, was the showstopper of the grand finale. Amidst this fashion fair, she walked the ramp with a shining face and a shimmery combination of the purple and pink dress.

A strapless dress with a sharp V-shaped neckline, ankle-strap stilettos on the feet and a sparkling gold bracelet in hand complemented her look. The hair was styled with a combination of sea waves, and there was purple eye shadow on the eyes. The audience liked her look very much with minimal makeup and jewellery.

Here are the latest fashion trends for 2022:

  • White khadi

Khadi is an evergreen fabric that can be worn in all seasons. The beautiful actress Kangana Ranaut wore a white khadi saree with a summer trench coat, which shocked the people. What else can be more relaxed than this during the summer? Khadi is a soft and gorgeous Indian fabric that Mahatma Gandhi first used. Even the khadi fabric was a part of the swadeshi movement that Gandhiji started to boycott imported clothes and other materials. 

  • Creased skirt

Skirts with folds and creases are once again becoming a trend in 2022. The ankle-length dress is a great way to welcome summer. In FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week, A model wore an adorable white creased skirt with a red blouse. Nothing can beat the combination of red and white. 

  • With trail

The dress is in trend for those who want to show their good height and beautiful figure. Model Ananya Pandey was seen wearing a purple dress with strappy sandals of the same colour. Although, a ‘trail’ was also added to it, a bit non-practical to carry. However, it can be worn for a short time.

  • Bold sleeves

This is some extra experimentation with the sleeves. You can choose from the balloon, flounced, puff or bishop sleeves. This trend is undoubtedly going to remain in the coming days. The changes in the fabric have made the bold sleeves even more sparkling and glowing.

  • Cool oversized

Being oversized does not mean that they will not be suitable for any fashion trend. For example, the long jacket with volume sleeves can be paired with boots, drainpipe pants or palazzo. It can also be worn just as a dressy jacket.