Up-close Look at 6 Short Hair Trends for This Spring

Short hair trends for spring

Short hair trends for spring

Who says you need a breakup to chop-off those long tresses? Spring 2020 officially marks the arrival of the crops in a number of styles. It’s time to go urban chic with hairstyles that will make you crave for bob cuts. So, are you ready for some hair laissez-aller? Here is how you can wear this flattering style in a feminine way!

1. Pixie

A cute name for a bold avatar, a pixie cut is a statement look for those who like to keep it natural! The best thing about pixies is that they can be both feminine and edgy, depending upon your own persona. You can get them razored for soft edges or keep them sharp for a spiky look. This uptown hairdo looks perfect on those with a squared face and requires your hair to be naturally loose and wavy. Try twisting the ends of your hair for a more feminine look.

2. Faux-hawk

Now, this is something for those with a bold and punky taste! Gone are the times when Mohawk was a style of the other gender. Even the hairstyle has tasted feminism and tracked its path to the other side. Women have evolved this edgy hairdo in a very chic way so as to make it a little tender and less aggressive. For those who don’t want to shave-off their heads completely, this hairstyle gives them full liberty to keep the sides short and sleek while focusing on a raised updo. A Mohawk or a faux-hawk can be done on all hair textures and looks good on all face shapes.

3. Gamine Look

A gamine cut is the easiest choice for those who only want it short without much hassle. Inspired by the simple boy cut, this hairstyle is precisely for those with soft and delicate features. Rounded edges with a lot of volume and layers all over the head are what this style gives you to flaunt. Though, it’s totally up to you to decide how short you want to go. For a romantic side-swept look, ruffle up your hair with a blow dryer.

4. Bi-Level

If you are one of those lazy lasses who don’t like wasting time in dressing up, this is going to be your hairstyle for a lifetime! The charm of this super-cool hairstyle lies in the fact that it doesn’t require much of an effort in styling. In fact, it gets styled easily with the movement of your hair. Bi-level is one of the most versatile short-hairstyle that can be worn in a lot many ways. You can go poker straight, curl-up, slick it back or simply let it flow.

5. Angled Shave

Confused between long and short? Try both! This edgy haircut lets you flaunt two faces at a time. One with short and sleek hair and the other with a messier look. In this, your hair is cut short to almost an inch one side while keeping it long to 7 inches on the other. An asymmetrical look can also be achieved with this kind of a hairstyle. You can braid the long side, curl it or keep it straight as per your choice.

6. Messy Bob

Anything straight is so out of fashion this year! The year 2020 is all about those sexy waves and curls that make you look irresistibly hot. Going back to the basic, a bob cut means chopping off the long straight to the jaw level. While earlier it was more like a formal thing, the fresh take on this look gives you a chance to flaunt the sultry tousles. Watch out Bollywood actresses like Anushka Sharma and Sonakshi Sinha carry this look impressively.

Summers are almost here and it’s warming up day by day! Ladies now is the perfect time to shed that load and go short and sexy. Chop-off those tresses and go out flaunting an absolutely new avatar this season!