Most Popular Holi Songs from Bollywood Films

Best Holi Songs from Bollywood
Top trending Bollywood songs for Holi
Best Holi Songs from Bollywood
Top trending Bollywood songs for Holi

Holi brings colours to our life which is otherwise, very regular and mundane. It is about spending our day with our dear ones. This festival of vibrant colours brings back the frolics, gaiety, fun and pleasure in our lives. Throwing colours at our loved ones, flinging balloons from balconies at passers-by and listening to the comments made by strangers on the streets adds the flavour to this festival. Holi is all about bitter-sweet life with the tinge of mischief. Some forgo courtesy and play Holi using synthetic colours, cow dung, eggs, tomatoes and what not and to some its about playing pranks. This, however, is not the most favourable way of celebrating Holi.

Music adds another coat of colour to this vibrant festival. To catch the essence and mood of Holi, numerous Bollywood films have special sequences – especially before a catastrophe is going to occur or a hoodlum like Gabbar Singh is about to raid some Ramgarh.

Here is a list of songs that should be in every playlist for Holi celebrations:

Rang Barse: Silsila

With the magic of Amitabh Bachchan’s baritone and Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s words, this song has become an informal Holi hymn (excuse the pun). Perhaps the Amitabh-Rekha chemistry fuelled song’s popularity, but the blend of Indian folk music, culture, and dance remains its driving force. It is likely that some songs will have better lyrics or capture better images of Holi, but Rang Barse is hands down the best Holi song in history.

Holi Ke Din: Sholay

It’s the song where Ramgarh-wasis were basking in the gay glory of gulaal and suddenly Gabbar, with his gang, starts a village rampage. The flirtatious scenes between Basanti and Veeru are entertaining, to say the least. Too bad, Radha the widower played by Jaya Bachchan (then Bhaduri) misses out on all the action.

Aaj Na Chhodenge Bas Humjoli: Kati Patang

The song is composed by the maestro R. D. Burman, and performed by the man with a voice of velvet, Kishore Kumar and our national vocal chords of Lata Mangeshkar. To put icing on the cake, the coquettish Kaka (Rajesh Khanna) and rather shy Asha Parekh make this song, along with the film, an affair to remember.

Holi Ayee Re: Mashaal

Though not as popular like the others on this list, listen to this song for the fantastic duet performance by Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar, and watch this song to learn that why age is just a concept for always-young-at-heart Anil Kapoor who plays a vagabond-cum-goon in the film along with veterans Dilip Kumar and Waheeda Rehman.

Chhan Ke Mohalla: Action Replayy

If there is an actress who has dance skills levelling up to her beauty, it is Aishwarya Rai who looks stunning dressed in white salwar. Since the film is set in the 70s, we get to enjoy the simplistic choreography and weird but pretty accurate hair styles of Rajpal and Ranvijay.

Are Ja Re Hat Natkhat: Navrang

This was, and may be still is, the very first song that used to play on Doordarshan’s Holi specials. The dance of actress Sandhya who plays both avatars of Radha and Shyam in a fantasy world is too good to be overlooked.

Balam Pichkari: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Well, nothing beats seeing the good-girl-gone-bad Deepika, that too, in shorts. This dreadfully catchy dance number, with impromptu fill-in-the-blank lyrics, depicts how the urban populace likes to play Holi: with selfie sticks, garden hoses, and non Indians. Anyway, the song is light, fun, energetic and doesn’t cloud the mind.

Ang Se Ang Lagana: Darr

Aside from the provocative lyrics, the main highlights of this song are dancing Sunny Deol and an enraged lover played by Shahrukh – we all know how rare sight that is! And yes, Juhi Chawla looks like a sly temptress as ever, not that she tries to be.

Soni Soni: Mohabbatein

Holi is synonymous to romance and the king of romance, Shah Rukh Khan will teach you how to get just that extra bit flirty with the song Soni Soni from the blockbuster film Mohabbatein. We promise you this song is sure to set your mood right.

Holi Khele Raghuveera: Baghban

This is another great song featuring the unmistakable voice and face of Big B and still-a-dreamgirl Hema Malini. Holi celebrations in Awadh are as popular as in Braj region, and this song in a family-friendly and throat-choking film shows just that.

Do Me A Favour Lets Play Holi: Waqt

The song is from the acche din of Anu Malik. But that’s not all there is to it: watch out for the too-hot-to-handle Holi revelry of Priyanka and Akshay – amidst the clouds of gulaal – adding the ‘uff’ and oomph to the Holi celebrations.

Go Pagal: Jolly LLB 2

This year saw another song being added to the evergreen Holi songs. The song Go Pagal from the movie Jolly LLB 2 is the very definition of the craziness that is the essence of Holi. Akshay Kumar and Huma Qureshi feature in this high-paced dance number that captures the spirit of the festival in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The energy and the enthusiasm of this song is sure to make your Holi party a grand success.

Badri Ki Dulhania: Badrinath Ki Dulhania

The newest Holi song to join the playlist this year would be the title track of Badrinath Ki Dulhania with Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt jiving to a number; the song has a marked influence of the Bihari folk song ‘Chalat Musafir Moh Liya Re’. Do not forget to add this song to your playlist of Holi songs.

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