DIY Christmas Interior Decors: Easy, Cheap and Attractive

DIY Christmas Interior Decors: Easy, Cheap and Attractive
DIY X-mas decoration ideas

Christmas means celebrations with family and friends. This is a special time of the year as it ushers in the holiday season with new hopes and aspirations for the New Year. People hailing from different castes and religions celebrate this festival both at home and outside. Just like any other festival, during Christmas, we decorate the interiors of our homes, offices, and schools to soak in the spirit of festivities. These interior decorations comprise a bright palette of lights, flowers and other knick-knacks and are an absolute treat to the eyes.

Listed below are some easy and creative DIY Christmas decoration ideas to help you brighten up your living/workspace and celebrate the season.

DIY Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is an integral part of the Christmas decorations. Usually, you can easily purchase an artificial Christmas tree from the market and all you need to do is decorate it.  Well, you can use coloured ribbons, glitter papers, small colourful gift boxes, decorative socks, colourful stars, ornaments etc. to decorate an artificial tree. But many people prefer to make a Christmas tree of their own. The options are many. You just need to brush up your artistic skills.

 – Wrapping paper Christmas tree

This is an absolutely easy-to-make Christmas tree. Just grab some colourful wrapping papers and cut them in varied lengths. Now, roll each of them around discarded oil paint/glitter tubes and glue the ends. You will get colourful tubes of different lengths. Further, stick them on a foam board or thermocol board using glue in a way that they are arranged progressively in ascending order, resulting in a tree with a broad base. The top part of it should look like an apex. Now, for the base of the tree, use brown coloured sticks and stick them on the board or just colour them brown. Your wrapping paper Christmas tree is ready.

 – Ladder Christmas tree

This is yet another interesting DIY Christmas tree. Easy and Simple. All you need is a ladder, both wooden and metal would do. Wrap it using colourful ribbons. Or, if you want, just paint your wooden ladder. Towards the middle of the ladder, just hang some lights, stars and other decorative objects to make it look attractive. Your ladder Christmas tree is ready.

 – String lights Christmas tree

You must be having those Chinese string lights at home, the ones that you got for your Diwali decorations. Now, it’s time to use these lights to make your unique, scintillating Christmas tree.  Just paste the string on the wall to give it the shape of a Christmas tree. Switch it on. See how it glows in the night in the form of a beautiful Christmas tree.

Silhouette Cardboard Designs on the wall

Use those unused cardboards at home. Trace wonderful silhouette designs on them like a Santa Claus mask, bells, Christmas tree, reindeer or mistletoe that are symbolic to Christmas. Cut along the borders. Now, you can paint them with any colour of your choice. You can also paste coloured papers as per the design. You can hang your cardboard designs on the walls in any room or at the entrance.

Add some sparkle with votive candles

Take some clean, empty glass jars or glasses. Apply clear glue to the inside of the jar/glass. Sprinkle glitter all over the wet glue inside. When the glitter gets stuck to the walls inside the jar, you can fill them with some more glitters. Now, insert a candle in each of these glasses or jars. You can place the votives in the corner of the living room or on the dining table. During dawn, light the candles and gaze in awe at the marvellous decor. The glittering votive candles look very expensive and gorgeous. Don’t worry. You can still use the jars later for other purposes. You just need to soak them in lukewarm water to get rid of the glue and glitter.

Light up your entryway

No decoration is complete without lights.  If you’re planning to give a warmth-filled welcome to your guests, there is no better way than to lighten up the entry door. This is one of the cheapest ways of decorating. You do have salt and glasses at home, right?  You can also make a votive by using salt in the jar instead of glitters. Fill the glass jars with salt for creating a winter/ snowy scene, followed by placing small votive candles towards the entryway that leads to your living room.

Make paper stars

This is perhaps the most convenient technique for decorating your home or office this Christmas. You can use eco-friendly paper and cut out stars from them. Place them on a cardboard and then hang them on the wall. Likewise, you can use these paper stars for decorating the Christmas tree as well. A more innovative way of using these paper stars is that you can purchase some long wires, paste the paper stars on them and finally hang them at different places in your home/office.

Decorative dry branches in a flower vase

Grab some dry branches and twigs. Also, get some glue and different kinds of small objects like sequins, buttons, marbles, glitters, small pebbles, small stars etc.  You can easily find such stuff at home.  Now, brush the twigs and branches with glue and paste these objects on them. Put these branches in a vase and place the same on the dining table. The otherwise dull-looking branches will now have a gorgeous look.

Use electric wires, buttons, unused ornaments to make decorative flowers

You must be having a box stashed with unused electrical wires, buttons, pieces of old costume jewellery like earrings, pendants or belt buckles at some corner of the attic. This is the time to take them out to make adorable flower ornaments. You will also need glue and ribbons. Cut the electrical wires into lengths of 4 to 5 inches. Bend the wire strands into a U-shape. These will form the petals of the flower. Now, glue the ends of these u-shaped wires at the back of the centre of an unused big earring or pendant or belt buckle. Make sure the wires are glued properly to the ornament.  Your decorative flower is ready. Make more of such flower petals for each of the ornament pieces that you have. Add a piece of ribbon to each of them and hang your beautiful flower ornaments from your Christmas tree or from the light stands. This is the perfect DIY craft for the Christmas season. Simple, cheap, yet very attractive.

Origami wreaths

Last, but definitely not the least, we have the wreaths as essential Christmas decorative items, without which the symbolic Christmas decor is not complete. Get origami papers. In case, you don’t have origami papers, get unused magazines, scrapbook papers, coloured papers and newspapers. Fold the papers to make stars, flowers or any awesome origami designs. Take a cardboard and make 2 large circles on it, one inside the other. Cut along the outer circle border and cut the border of the inner circle. You get the base of the wreath. Now, place the origami designs on the wreath. Hang the wreath on the entrance door. You can also keep it inside. Irrespective of where you choose to place this wreath, you can undoubtedly use it for adding an attractive look to the Christmas décor at your home or office or school.

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