Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas

Rakhi Gift Ideas for Brothers and Sisters
Surprise your brother/sister with unusual gifts on this Raksha Bandhan.
Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas
Surprise your brother/sister with unusual gifts on this Raksha Bandhan.

Raksha bandhan or Rakhi is a celebration of your love for your brother or sister – a love that is never forgotten but is sometimes eclipsed by a fast moving life, small altercations, and sometimes by your different preferences. Making it up is quite easy, though. Pick out the perfect gift for your brother/sister and let them know you care.

Here are gift ideas from the low cost, mid-range and high-end budget sections that may help you gift a delight this Rakhi.

Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas for Sisters

Clutches: A woman’s purse is a reflection of her personal sense of style. The perfect clutch could be shiny or sequined but should hold her lipstick and some cash if not her mobile phone. This Rakhi gift for your sister comes in budget of between INR 200 and INR 750 and is available on most online stores including Amazon, ShopClues, and Jabong.

Digital mp3 Player: Your sister likes classical but you like rock. She prefers ghazals, while you think country music is the best. Sort your musical differences this Rakhi and delight her with a digital mp3 player that will let her listen to her favourite artists on the long bus rides to college. Captcha, Soroo, or Sonilex – your choices are infinite. These come with 8GB memory card slots and weigh only a few grams while going easy on the pocket with a cost of between INR 350 and 900.

Chocolates: Does your sister have a sweet tooth? Well, who doesn’t like chocolates? Ferrero Rocher, Hershey’s, Dairy Milk and Lindt are the preferred choices this season for your sweet sister who likes to gobble chocolates. You should be able to get a decent choice from INR 750 onwards, at the nearest stores, or online at Amazon. And if your sis is diet conscious, or has a sophisticated taste, she might appreciate a nice packet of dark chocolates.

Perfumes: While your sister may be picky about her make up brand, she will be more than willing to explore a new line of perfumes. Wow her by gifting an Elizabeth Arden or a Versace, a Burberry or a Davidoff Cool Water. Most online stores are currently running huge discounts (anything between 40 and 65 percent) on their perfume lines. These should be available for a budget of INR 1500 – INR 3000.

Baking Sets: If your sister is a pro in the kitchen and you’ve been asking her to audition for the next MasterChef round, a wholesome baking set is the gift that is sure to delight her this Rakhi. Add to this the opportunity to sample all the delights she rustles up and you may just be willing to call this an investment. Online stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond and Bakewala are willing to deliver all possible bakeware right to your doorstep. The budget is between INR 1500 and 3000 for this gift.

Kindle eReader: If your sister is a voracious reader and you are always stumped when it comes to picking out book titles, it is time to gift her an entire library this Rakhi. The Kindle eReader can hold thousands of books. Amazon’s Kindle bookstore has over 30,000 free books, 4,50,000 exclusive titles and millions of e-books to choose from. The 10th-gen Kindle eReader is available for about INR 7999.

Jewellery: Diamonds are forever, not unlike the love and bond you share with your sister. Diamond jewellery is a classic choice and comes in many chic options these days. Try online stores such as Bluestone, Tanishq, or Orra for a diamond pendent that is likely to cost between INR 16,000 and INR 50,000. These sites also provide complete information about the cut, clarity, and carat of the diamonds used for you to make an informed decision.

Watches: If your sister is a fitness freak, you can gift her a FitBit watch. That should cost you around INR 6,000. For women who fancy luxury watches, and if your pocket permits you can gift a Kenneth Cole or similar watch for INR 18,000. Tommy Hilfiger watches start from INR 5,000 upwards.

Hair Dryers/ Straighteners: Do you have a fashion diva for a sis? Gift her a top of the range hair dryer/ straightener this Rakhi. And she will remember you every time she is getting ready for a party, for years to come.

Raksha Bandhan Gifts Ideas for Brothers

Grooming Kit: With men growing increasingly conscious of their looks, grooming products for them are a major hit in India. Men’s grooming kits may include one or more of these – shaving lotions, aftershave, deodorant, fairness cream, talcum powder, and perfume. Buy a product from your brother’s favorite brands or pick up one of the readymade ones from stores like Marks and Spencer and Park Avenue. This could cost between INR 250 and INR 1000.

Customised Fountain Pens: From a high school student to a high profile executive, the one thing that marks a man is his writing instrument. Fountain pens will never be out of fashion, and these are the times to gift your brother a personalised pen. Eshops like ASA Pens and Printavenue are willing to let you choose the colours and designs of your pen apart from printing you brother’s name on it for a cost of INR 600-1000. Alternatively you may also want to choose from some of the best fountain pen brands in these stores.

Neck Tie: The one accessory that your brother is likely to flaunt at work is his necktie. Available in a price range of between INR 999 and INR 1500, silk ties are an easily available Rakhi gift that you may want to pick out from any major mall or online store this August. Zodiac, Satya Paul, and Park Avenue are good brands to choose from. If your brother’s style is funky, there are some pretty smart ties out there which are sure to get him serious attention.

Acoustic Guitar: If your brother really loves music but is the shy kind, buy him a mid-range acoustic guitar this Rakhi and sign him up for classes. While some online stores do sell musical instruments as well, this is one gift best bought from the local shops in your city. You may need to research the best places to pick this one out. A beginner’s acoustic guitar is likely to cost between INR 3500 and INR 5000.

Fitness Band: A fitness band is now an absolute necessity for anyone who takes his fitness and physical regimen seriously. Pick out the perfect fitness band from great brands like Garmin, Fitbit, or Jawbone and your brother will be the envy of his gym buddies. A budget of INR 8,000 – 12,000 should cover this gift idea.

OnePlus Two: If your brother is a gadget freak, OnePlus’ new mobile phone is the perfect Rakhi gift for him. Available at about INR 24,000 from Flipkart and Amazon stores, the 64 GB, 5.5 inch Android phone gives the iPhone a run for its money. OnePlus Two is a dual sim phone that is powered by a Snapdragon 810 processor.

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