Tulip Festival: The Official Spring Festival

Tulip Festival: The Official Spring Festival

Tulip Festival


Tulip festival is one of the most widely celebrated flower festival around the world. And why would it not be! Firstly, these flowers imbue the air with their oh-so-pleasant fragrance for only a short span of time, ranging from 15-20 days, making their bloom even more cherished.┬áSecondly, tulips come in a number of fascinating and beautiful varieties which can awake anyone’s inner aesthetic.

Every year the festival attracts plenty of nature enthusiasts, flower lovers and of course the camera professionals. To celebrate the festival in India and see it in its full glory, Srinagar, J&K, is the place where you should be headed towards. Having the largest tulips, every year tourists, tulip lovers, and aficionados turn up in tens of thousands in number to witness their mesmerising beauty.

Tulip Garden: The Paradise of Kashmir

The festival is conducted each year in Srinagar at Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden. The garden is built in terraced fashion with 7 terraces and overlooks the Dal lake. It has a variety of Tulip flowers and is spread across 30 hectares. In 2014, it was also awarded the second best tulip garden in the world. Since Tulips bloom for a period of about 15 days in a year, the festival dates are not rigidly fixed. However, this year the garden is staying open from March 25 to April 14.

The world-famous garden has some of the finest species of the flower with colors ranging from pristine whites to fiery reds. You can also see some of the rare varieties in larger-than-life colors. The following varieties are most easy to catch:

1.Standard Tulip: These are the most common tulips you can find. You might have also seen them at your local florists.

2.Double Bloom: The bigger, the better! Unlike the standard tulip, the double bloom has multiple layers of petals in place of a single petal.

3.Parrot Tulip: Its name is derived from the parrot’s plumage which features different colors. This variety of tulip has ruffled petals in a number of hues.

4.Fringed Tulip: These have fringed and frilly edges, making them one of the popular picks to set your eyes on this Tulip season.

5.Single Late Tulip: These are very pretty and are beautifully carved in cup shapes, that too in a number of colors.

6.Rembrandt: These are very pale colored and are generally tall.

7.Triumph: These tulips are astonishingly beautiful with their splendid tones, a wide range of shades and bi-colors.

8.Fosteriana Tulip: They have pretty bud and vary in height.

9.Lily-Flowering Tulip: These flowers have a distinguished look with pointed petals, having the arch at the tip. They are generally long.

10.Bi-Color Standard Tulip: They are like the standard tulips with a difference that they feature variation in color in their petals.

What makes 2018 Tulip Festival Extra Special?

This year, there are much more attractions in the Tulip festivals other than the tulips themselves. For starters, there are going to be more varieties of the flowers and more fountains. In addition, there would be extra green space and regular flowers such as narcissus, daffodils, hyacinths and other varieties of ornamental plants. There would also be stalls where you can gorge on the traditional Kashmiri cuisine and buy local handicrafts as souvenirs.

If you want to see the natural beauty at its best, this is the right time to visit Srinagar. Trust us, a memorable photoshoot is waiting to happen.