World Health Day 2018: Health For All

World Health Day 2018

World Health Day 2018


Under the flagship of World Health Orgainsation (WHO), World Health Day, a health awareness initiative, is celebrated on 7th April every year worldwide. In 1948, an assembly was held in Geneva by WHO in which it decided to celebrate World Health Day on 7th of April every year. The first World Health Day was celebrated on 7th April, 1950 when WHO came into force.

Theme and Slogan for World Health Day 2018

Every year, WHO decides a theme relating to prevailing serious health problem for celebrating World Health Day worldwide.

The theme for World Health Day 2018 is Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere, followed by a slogan “Health for All”. Going by this theme, the WHO will ensure that everyone, everywhere shall have access to healthcare services without facing any financial crisis.

Role of World Health Organisation (WHO)

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the leading health organisation under United Nations System. Ever since its inception in 1950, World Health Organisation has played an important role in addressing serious health problems all around the globe. Every year, it comes up with a theme pertaining to serious health issues. It has addressed health issues like polio, depression, leprosy, chickenpox, etc. WHO is taking steps to increase health security by reducing the health risks from various diseases. It is keeping no stone unturned to make this world a healthy one.

Importance of World Health Day 2018

We always say “Health is Wealth”. This slogan showcases the importance of health in our lives. But to what extent do we actually consider it a wealth. A person should have sound health in order to live a happy life. In our frantic desk-bound lives, it becomes difficult for us to care for our health. The quality of life of human beings is degrading day by day. This has become a serious issue for those organisations that are engaged in the eradication of serious health problems.

On this 70th World Health Day, WHO draws everyone’s attention towards the importance of global health. This day focuses on promoting healthy living habits among the people around the world. The ultimate focus of the organisation is to make people aware of their deteriorating health conditions.

By involving everyone in this celebration, WHO is making good efforts to wipe out the evils of health from our planet so that each one of us can live a long and healthy life.

Health awareness initiatives on World Health Day 2018

On this day, the government, non-government, NGOs and other health organisations organise various programmes and campaigns pertaining to issues of public health. Media publish quotes and sayings of people on world health day. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. publish hashtags, slogans, messages, and blogs on this day.

In schools and colleges, seminars, debates, street plays, essay writing and elocution competition is conducted to make students aware of the importance of health. The government and non-government organisations organise free health check-up camps in places where there are no health facilities.

The health authorities of every country should also take steps to make their country a healthy place for its citizens. Without the joint efforts of the whole world, it is not possible for WHO to achieve its objective of making this world a place worth living.