Baby Corn Pakoda Recipe

Babycorn Pakoda
Babycorn Pakoda
Babycorn Pakoda
Babycorn Pakoda

In the last few days the season is changing with the monsoon still going strong and evening rains becoming a norm. Its a pleasure listening to rain drops while looking at beautiful lush greenery. Most of us will agree that Pakodas are rains’ best companion and a perfect snack loved by all. So I made these Baby Corn Pakodas and served them with some chilly sauce and hot tea and it simply made my day perfect! You too can enjoy and relish these easy-to-make Baby Corn Pakodas at home. Baby Corn make the pakodas crunchy that come out nice after frying. These can be easily combined with other varieties of pakodas like bread pakoda, gobhi and brocolli pakodas to make a pakoda platter.

Ingredients needed for Baby Corn Pakoda

Baby corn – 10-12

Hung curd – 1 tbsp

Ginger garlic paste – 2 tsp

Garam masala – 1/2 tsp

Maida – 1/2 cup

Besan – 1/2 cup

Cornflour – 1/2 cup

Salt to taste

Red chili power – 1/2 tsp

Fresh coriander –  1 tbsp (chopped)

Oil for frying

How to make Baby Corn Pakoda

Heat water in a big vessel.

When the water comes to a boil, add baby corns.

Cook for 5 minutes and then strain out the excess water.

Mix hung curd, ginger garlic paste, garam masala and salt to taste in a bowl.

Coat the baby corns with this paste.

Mix cornflour, maida and besan in a bowl.

Add red chili powder, fresh coriander and salt to taste.

Make a  paste using water.

Heat oil in a pan.

Dip baby corns in the batter and fry till golden brown from both the sides.

Serve hot with coriander chutney.