Bisi Bele Bhaat

Bisi Bele Bhaat
Bisi Bele Bhaat
Bisi Bele Bhaat - A Karnataka Dish
Bisi Bele Bhaat

Bisi Bele Bhaat is a common dish made extensively in the State of Karnataka served either as the breakfast or any of the main meals. This dish made primarily with rice, dal and mixed vegetables is sold in all the small and big restaurants, it is also a great dish to be packed for school or office lunch. It gives a mixed bag of nutrition and carbohydrates. When you make it at home, you can select, add or modify the tadka (tempering) as per your taste. However, typically what we use are rye seeds, red chillies and curry leaves. It is served hot for the best taste, so if you have been looking for a South Indian dish, use this Bisi Bele Bhaat Recipe and enjoy it in breakfast or lunch.

All you need is (serves 4)

For Vegetable Sambhar

  • Carrot – 1 (diced)
  • Green peas – 1/4 cup
  • Beans – 1/4 cup
  • Potato – 1 (diced)
  • Small onions – 6 to 7
  • Tomato – 2 (chopped)
  • Tamarind paste – 2 tsp
  • Gud – 2 tsp (grated)
  • Salt to taste
  • Bisi Bele Bhaat Masala – 2 tsp

For Rice 

  • Rice – 1 cup
  • Arhar dal – 1 cup
  • Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp
  • Salt to taste

For Seasoning

  • Desi ghee – 1 tbsp
  • Rye – 1/2 tsp
  • Dry red chillies – 1 to 2
  • Curry  leaves – 8 to 10

For Garnishing

  • Boondi – 2 tbsp
  • Dhania leaves – 1 tbsp (chopped)
Key Ingredients for Bisi Bele Bhaat
Bisi Bele Bhaat Ingredients

Bisi Bele Bhaat Recipe

Preparation time: 15 min.

Cooking time: 40 min.

  1. Mix all vegetable sambhar ingredients with 1/2 cup water and cook in a pressure cooker for 2 whistles. Let it cool.
  2. In another pressure cooker, take all rice ingredients with 5 cup water and cook till done.
  3. Mix the sambhar and rice preparation together and gently mash. Keep aside.
  4. Heat desi ghee in a tempering pan, add rye, dry red chillies and curry leaves and let it crackle.
  5. Add it to the sambhar and rice mixture and mix well.
  6. Garnish with boondi and dhania leaves.
  7. Serve hot.