Bread Pakora - Taste Inside

What lies between the two slices, takes the cake

Unlike Samosas, Bread Pakoras haven’t travelled that far and wide. In a get together in San Francisco, I had to explain what a bread pakora is. I was lost, a bread pakora is a bread pakora what else? I said it is a sandwich to be precise, a fried sandwich. The lady understood and her next question was very logical, what is between the slices and what is the base of batter used? Eureka! I had just discovered and conveyed it logically enough for a person to ask me related, relevant questions. 

My answer to what is inside was – taste, yes this sandwich has taste within its folds. What goes inside is skill and art, some take it casually, some work hard on it. The best stuffing is when mashed potatoes are mixed with  an equal quantity of overnight soaked “channa daal”  and fresh malai paneer. Some add a whole slice of it, that doesn’t work out, sliced and diced paneer mixed well, works best. For the batter, my view was that it is made of gram flour, which is tweaked with lots of spices and herbs.  Once done, I was glad, I had discovered what a bread pakora was. 

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