Be true to yourself

The article begins with the story of a person who was very hard-working and good at his studies. Everyone was sure that he would definitely clear the engineering entrance exam, as he was just studying irrespective of day or night. This was the scenario that others were seeing, but the story from his side was totally different. He was cheating himself as well as others. He was clearing the mock tests with highest score as he had sample papers of the previous year and he was only studying that not his text books. His parents and teachers were both astonished to see his marks in the mock tests and were fully prepared for his admission in one of the esteemed engineering colleges. The day came when his entrance test results was declared. He was not selected in any of the colleges. Everyone was surprised to see the result but he knew the exact cause of his failure. Though he was preparing for the test, but he was not true to his inner soul and so got what he deserved. Though this is a simple story but says it says a lot – The importance of being true to yourself and its value in life.

Since childhood, our family, society and people with whom we interact in one way or the other tell us or guide us on right or wrong. But do they ever advise us on what it feels being true to yourself and why is this is so important in life? Everybody knows that we should not tell a lie, but is it right to lie to yourself? Here self-awareness and conscious of one’s own thought plays a major role. We should be our own judge and without discrimination move on the right track.

All of us are born with a unique persona and that is why, even two kids born in the same family are not the same but different in nature. It is a major thing that influences our day, life, success, failure, the way we think and react. But if self awareness and being true to yourself is so important then why do we ignore this part of our nature?

One of the major reasons of this deviation in present day society are the circumstances that command us. Our family that always wants us to behave in a manner they feel right, the society again acts like a family, peer or other kind of pressure. Also some people under social stress, or out of fear, or lack of self confidence try to suppress their inner-self and occasionally lie to themselves. This results in failure, depression and frustration which in turn lead to diseases like blood pressure, sugar, obesity, lack of sleep, etc.

But frankly speaking and also going by philosophy, there is only one way to live a happy life and that is when we act according to our nature. What comes naturally also touches others. Being true to yourself brings peace of mind as it is your identity. This quality is not applicable to just one or two things but to everything in life.

How to train your mind?

You have to train and discipline your mind for this. Do not say yes if your mind is saying no. You are not a Superman who can do everything and keep everyone happy around you. After all you are a human being and you too have some limitations. So understand this. Say yes to only those things that you can do with certainty.

Acknowledge when you need help. We sometimes lie because we want to show that we are very strong. But again every time it is not possible. Do your best and when you think that you cannot do without somebody then go and tell that person.

Try to be yourself and do not copy others for the sake of fashion.

Listen to yourself and your inner conscience as these are your true friends. Do not hide yourself.