Chi Ni at The Roseate

Chi Ni
They serve good Chinese – Chinese.

It was a special occasion and we really didn’t wish to experiment, it was almost certain that we will land at our safe bet – K3 at JWM Aerocity again as they never go wrong. Good, we decided otherwise.

Location: Works for all those who are OK with Aerocity and its vicinity, both from Delhi & Gurgaon. This one is bang on NH 8. Yes, they have another  – The Roseate – Aerocity, which is within the Aerocity area.

Name: Chi Ni suggests you will be in for Indian Chinese but it was Chinese-Chinese tinkered to Indian taste, only if you ask for it.

Ambiance: 4.5/5 – It is different, classy and understated. You are transported to some place else.

Service: 5/5 – Calm, quiet and personal

Food: It was an excellent experience. Flavors were subtle though portions were inconsistent. Soup was less in quantity than expected. Rice was more. Portion paring was definitely a guessing game.

Menu: Dignified but not overwhelming. Some may find it restricted but, it worked for us.

Starters – We ordered three, one for each of us. Two non-veg and one veg.

Wasabi Prawns were good, they were firm and not chewy.  5/5.

Chicken Dim-sums were delicate and extra fine translucent types. Flavorful 5/5.

Veg Spring Rolls were, well veg spring rolls, not a menu item so can’t blame them for rolling out standard floor production dish.  4/5.

Soups – Miso Veg was liked. Yes, Miso is not seen as a traditional Chinese Soup and is considered more as a Japanese Soup, works.  5/5.

Seafood Soup was brilliant but, quantity was too less for complexity of the soup to be enjoyed wholeheartedly. Portion had to be double for it to be 5/5 so, this one is 4/5.

Main course – I wished they had a few more options. Specially pork and  mutton/goat.  Mock Chicken 5/5, yup, Mock Chicken. I am sure all restaurants must keep mock non-veg dishes for vegetarians, it is a great idea, worked well for the lone vegetarian on our table. Quality of Asparagus was the highlight.

Sole Fish in hot garlic sauce – It was in yellow gravy, lots of herbs did their job well. Not very hot. Beautiful to look at. Mouth watering. Great seasoning, full flavor, good quality of fish. 5/5.

3 Chilli Chicken, this one was slightly off. It was Chilli Chicken. Chillies walked in more than chicken could, but chicken was good.   4/5.

Price: A dinner for three with two soups, three starters, one beer and three main course dishes totaled to about Rs. 10,000.00 with tips. Special occasion? Yes! We didn’t go in for any dessert. So definitely expensive, once in a while celebration place for this reviewer.

Over all, a good place to go. Recommended. Will go again.


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