New Year Holiday Destinations in India

New Year Holiday Destinations in India
Best Places to Visit in India to Celebrate New Year 2020
New Year Holiday Destinations in India
Best Places to Visit in India to Celebrate New Year 2020

New Year is just around the corner. It is the time for new beginnings, and new promises to make, a time for new resolutions with the hope of a beautiful new year. What better way to celebrate New Year than to usher it in at the perfect destination. India has a plethora of choices for the perfect New Year Holiday destinations. Whether you are with your family or planning a romantic getaway or even if you are a solo traveller, these destinations are just perfect for you.

There are some of us who love the sun and the sand. Well, you need not go very far. India has some of the best beaches in the world and here are a few of them:

1. Goa

The sparkling sands and the pristine beaches beckon you with the best parties hosted here at the time of New Year. The gastronomic delights suiting every pocket, cheap liquor, and the option of staying in resorts or simply in the shacks on the beach, make Goa a very attractive destination.

2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The aquamarine water and the legendary beaches of Andaman are a perfect destination for the New Year bash. One can usher in the New Year by partying hard at the beaches or the resorts and yachts. In the Andaman you will be one with nature, feel the peace and return home feeling revived, ready to face new challenges.

3. Puducherry

Puducherry, as Pondicherry is now known, is New Age–cum–Old World hangout on the international travel trail. The cobbled streets of the French quarter lined with bougainvillea-draped colonial-era townhouses will give you the feel of being in France with a sheer sense of utmost tranquility. If you want to spend the New Year in a laid back manner and indulge in some self-reflection, then Pondicherry is the perfect destination for you. The French cuisine available here is sure to tickle your taste buds too. Pondicherry also has the Aurobindo Ashram, where you can spend quality time meditating.

4. Varkala

Situated in Kerala, Varkala is perched almost perilously along the edge of a cliff and is known for the most tranquil beaches with turquoise blue water. If you want to spend the New Year without the hustle and bustle of Goa, then Varkala which is never crowded is the perfect destination. The cliff top cafes serving delicious food including one with the Swedish fare, the option of surfing and the not so crowded parties on New Year’s Eve makes this a perfect destination.

5. Lakshadweep Islands

If you are planning a romantic getaway and are looking for some intimate time with your loved one, then book your tickets for Lakshadweep now. 36 palm-fringed, coral islands make up the Lakshadweep, and the sun and the sand is sure to add romance to your holiday. The stunning and pristine archipelago lagoons, unspoiled coral reefs and warm waters are a perfect spot to spend your New Year.

If New Year is synonymous to winters for you and you want to head out to the Hills, then here are the perfect destinations to usher in the New Year:

6. Leh

The enchanting and mesmerising town of Leh, framed by mountains on all sides, with a Tibetan charm and dotted by stupas all around is a perfect spot to celebrate New Year. Leh celebrates Losar, the Ladakhi New Year in mid December too. So, if you have time in your hands, head out to celebrate Losar before you usher in your own New Year. The gastronomic delights like Thupka are sure to keep you warm and cozy.

7. Kodaikanal

The serene beauty of Kodaikanal, the chilly temperature, the incredible coffee to warm you up, the scrumptious food, the laid back attitude; are just a few reasons to visit Kodaikanal.

8. Shillong

The modern Indian town which has retained its colonial charm is a perfect getaway for a New Year bash. Known as the Abode of the Clouds, the rock capital of India has an array of events planned during December, where you can participate and indulge in fun and frolic. You also have the option of driving away from the crowd and pitching tents in the sprawling meadows that surround the city, with the backdrop of the beautiful mountains, and have a private party of your own.

9. Kasol

Nestled in the Himachali wonderland, Kasol has a perfect blend of the hustle and bustle of some of the biggest cities and the serene atmosphere with the backdrop of rivers and mountains. There are numerous New Year events hosted here if you are a party animal. You also have the option of ushering in the New Year in the breathtaking surroundings, being one with nature. The temperature is also just right to make you feel cold but not uncomfortable.

Planning to celebrate New Year in a big city? Well, then head out to New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. In these cities you will find the wide range of parties, the best of music, and of course an amazing collection of the best pubs and breweries. These cities are indeed happening when it comes to New Year.

So, put on your party hats, do away with all the troubles and woes of the year gone by, and bring in the New Year in style in any of the perfect destinations in India.