Foods That do Not Belong to India

“Food is the ingredient that binds the world together.” Every country in the world has its own specific tastes and dishes that suit the palate of the residents. We Indians too have a varied array of dishes that we are proud of. In fact, within India, each state has its own dishes that they are not only proud of but even possessive about. Ask a Bengali how he/she feels about Shorshe Maach or Alu Posto, ask a Punjabi how he/she feels about Aloo paratha and Dal Makhani and you will get the answer.

But there are a few dishes that we have been proud of for ages which actually find their origin outside India. Here are a few of them:

Foods That are not Indian
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Foods That are not Indian
Indians have a variety of foods. Even each state has its own dishes that they are proud of but there are few dishes which are not originated in India. Have a look!