Fruit Kebab Recipe

Fruit Kebab
Fruit Kebab
Fruit Kebab
Fruit Kebab

My son likes fruits more than anything else, so last time when I was grilling kebabs at home his question, ‘Can we have fruits like kebab?’, instigated my thoughts. So I came up with an idea and made fruit kebabs,¬† an innovation in itself. I used banana, orange, kiwi, pineapple, black and green grapes and his favourite strawberries, arranged them over a wooden skewer and drizzled some melted chocolate all over. These skewers make the fruits look like kebab and there is no reason why any kid would say no to them, chocolate just acts like an icing on the cake. You could actually use any fruits available to you, cut them into square or round shapes which can be moved over a skewer easily.

So try something different from traditional fruit chat with Fruit Kebab. These would go well in small parties and I’m sure you would get the pleasure of presenting fruits in completely different style.

Ingredients needed for Fruit Kebab

Banana cut into small pieces

Kiwi cut into small pieces

Strawberries – 1 for each skewer

Pineapple – cut into small square pieces

Black Grapes

Green Grapes

Orange slices

Orange Juice – 1 cup

Wooden skewers

Melted chocolate

How to make Fruit Kebab

Dip banana pieces in orange juice.

Thread all the fruits in the wooden skewers, drizzled with melted chocolate.

Serve and Enjoy!