I. Cabbage

Cabbage - Green Vegetable

These super-healthy winter greens look cute with their spherical-ish shape. But, don’t take them lightly. They’re pro in bolstering your health and are practically non-substitutable. A very close cousin to kale and cauliflower, cabbage is equally loaded with nutrients and minerals like them, if not more. Also, it is best eaten raw and the good thing is that it also tastes nice that way!

It Contains…

Potassium: This is a godsend for all the (possible) heart patients. It regulates your blood pressure and thus prevents strokes and heart diseases.

Vitamin D: Along with vitamin A, it makes skin healthy and clear. Amazing, isn’t it?

Vitamin E: It purifies skin and improves complexion. *.*

Vitamin B6: This is often absent from most vegetarian diets. So if you’re a strict vegan, here’s your chance to have this unwonted vitamin. Among many other benefits, it excellently treats and prevents anaemia.

  • It also contains vitamin A, C, K, and dietary fibre.

Dig in…

Cabbage Fried Rice: Fried cabbage alone is not the idea of a dish for many. So, how about accompanying it with fried rice? The aroma and bit of sweet flavour introduced by the cabbage to rice show one of the tastiest routes to health.

Cabbage Paratha: Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, or lunch, parathas stuffed with spicy cabbage fillings are never a disappointment.

Cabbage Vada: This is a one-of-a-kind meeting of chopped cabbage with ground lentils. Level up the delicious quotient with tomato ketchup.

How to Coax Someone into Eating Winter Greens?
Article Name
How to Coax Someone into Eating Winter Greens?
Here are the top winter greens and the delicious ways you can goge on them. We also list their unique nutritional benefits