Mutter Kulcha – From Streets to Menu Cards

Mutter Kulcha
Dry or with a little gravy, Mutter and Kulcha make a great combination.
Mutter Kulcha
Dry or with a little gravy, Mutter and Kulcha make a great combination

Whether you pick these up from a roadside, “Matkay Wala”, or you have it at one of those  high profile Indian Fast Food Outlets, like Haldiram’s and Bikanervals’s,  chances are that you would enjoy both experiences. Yellow mutter are cooked in chick pea style. At one point of time, it was “poor man’s” Cholle Kulche, not any more. From that khomchay wala they have moved high end, even the khomchay wala ensures that the distinction is maintained. A mutter kulche wala can be identified from over 100 meters away because of his shinning “Pittal Ka Matka.”

There is nothing much which can go wrong while preparing this dish, however it is very important that tomatoes, onion and green chillies are cut fresh for every set of preparation. Essentially, being a street food, hygiene is the first thing to be taken in account while going ahead and buying it. If the knife with which he is cutting is dirty and rusted, you must find another outlet. Also to tell the street vendor not to add “imli ka paani” while mixing it is not a bad idea. Lemon and Amchur combination can almost give a nearly equivalent experience.

The kulcha which goes along is of course ready to be had, but it is essential to warm it up and get that slightly brownish colour and crispy texture to it. Mutter Kulcha is not a seasonal dish and can be enjoyed in any month, any where in the world. Some people insist that the refrigerated version with fresh dhania added is a better option, do experiment this option too.