Orange Cream Cooler

Orange and Cream Cooler
Orange and Cream Cooler
Orange and Cream Cooler
Orange and Cream Cooler

Whenever we have a party or a get together, we always spend hours deciding the menu, however the focus is always on the eatables. What if you can actually have a good-looking drink in the menu as well? Mocktails are the flavor of the season and everybody just loves them. I chanced upon this drink while finalizing my drinks menu for a small family party. It went pretty well as something which can be served as the guests started to arrive, they actually look amazed looking at the ease I was dishing out mock tails to them. The easy nature of preparing an orange cream cooler makes it an excellent option for events like kids birthday parties or just a small get together. The drink can be made quickly within five minutes and gives you an option for serving a good looking mocktail instead of just a regular soda or sherbet. Orange cream cooler uses an innovative way to mix up icecream with any orange soda available from your local shops. The kids just love the drink and the adults appreciate it. So go ahead and give your party another star and your guests something to talk about with this simple recipe of this orange cream cooler.


  • Vanilla ice cream – 1 cup
  • Orange soda – 1 cup

How to make Orange Cream Cooler

  • Add vanilla ice cream in a blender.
  • Add little orange soda and blend well.
  • Pour the mixture in a glass.
  • Pour the remaining soda in the glass.
  • Garnish with a paper umbrella.
  • Serve immediately