Piyush Recipe

Piyush - Key Ingredients
Piyush - Key Ingredients

Curd or dahi is used all over India in different preparations. It is considered good for your stomach as it cools down the digestive system and gives a much needed respite from the Indian curries and spice rich dishes. If we look at north, we find curd drinks like lassi in sweet and salt form, in the south we see curd rice and. Raita is common throughout the country while plain and flavoured yogurts are available in most markets.

For this recipe I used srikhand and butter milk both prepared with curd to make Piyush, a sweet drink used widely in Gujarat. It is similar to lassi. However, srikhand makes it much more dense and sweeter. It is a great beverage to kick start your day and will go well with most Indian meals. Add some nutmeg powder, elaichi, kesar, dry fruits for taste and it comes out simply wow. I loved this drink and so did everyone else at home, for sure you would also like it. Use this simple Piyush Recipe and enjoy a perfect Gujarati taste at your home.

Ingredients (serves 4)

  • Srikhand – 250 gms
  • Butter milk – 300 ml
  • Sugar – 1/4 cup (please vary to your personal taste)
  • Nutmeg powder – 1/4 tsp
  • Green elaichi – 3 to 4 (crushed)
  • Kesar – a few strands
  • Pistachios/ almonds for garnishing (optional)
Piyush - Key Ingredients
Piyush – Key Ingredients

How to make Piyush Recipe

Making time: 15 min.

  1. Mix srikhand and butter milk and blend it with a hand blender or mixie.
  2. Add sugar, green elaichi, nutmeg powder and mix well.
  3. Add the kesar strands.
  4. Garnish with pistachios and almonds if you like.
  5. Serve cool and fresh.