Poori Chole

Poori Chole
Some would insist Poori Chole is a breakfast exclusive, others won't disagree more.
Poori Chole
Some would insist Poori Chole is a breakfast exclusive, others won’t disagree more.

If you talk about most popular all day breakfast Poori Chole can give Idlis a run for their money. Some people are of the opinion that poori chole are losing out to pizzas and burgers of our world, especially with younger generations. There are lot of stories about how poori chole are unhealthy fried stuff. Of course pooris are fried and choles invariably have considerable fat added to make them tasty, but whether they are unhealthy in comparison to a burger or a pizza is totally debatable. Most, who enjoy burgers and poori chole both would insist that poori and chole combination is definitely a more tastier option than burgers or pizzas.

Indian food chains like Haldiram and Bikanerwala have kind of fueled the resurgence of poori chole by sorting out the all perceived hygiene related issues. By their establishing minimum standards of quality, hundreds of other stores have a benchmark they are judged on. It is no longer a rare sight to see an established neighborhood vendor insisting that his boys wear gloves before plating pooris and handling sides of onion-rings, lemon and green chilli.I

In millions of households in Delhi and few other North Indian states, poori chole is a default option for Sunday breakfast. Every neighborhood claims its own favorite joint  and demonstrates its dominance by waiting period extending to half an hour or beyond on Sunday mornings. Stand in a queue  and get it straight from the kadhai. Enjoy!

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