Soup Wale Chawal

This is not Veg Biryani or Veg Pulao. This is Punjabi Ishtyle Soup Wale Chawal

  1. Make a vegetable soup in Punjabi Shorba style with garlic, a hint of ginger, salt, pepper, oil, red chilli (seedless), onion, assorted vegetables.
  2. It should be spicier and saltier than what you can have, as the rice and vegetables would absorb all that.
  3. Once the soup is done, we need to cook the rice and vegetables together in it.
  4. Leave the vegetable pieces as big as you wish and add at least 6 different veggies. In this preparation we have used: Carrot; Potatoes; Fresh Peas; Onion; Mushrooms; Cauliflower, French Beans and Soya Nuggets.
  5. If you like even a more colorful bowl of rice,you may add semi-cooked chickpeas and corn kernels along with other vegetables.
  6. Usually keeping the quantity of veggies as twice the weight of raw rice being cooked works well.
  7. You may sprinkle fresh coriander leaves to garnish alongside some ginger strips.
  8. Keeping it everything but not pat dry works very well and you practically don’t need anything else to go with it. A side of raita or achaar, if you insist, can be kept alongside to give a sense of completeness.

The above recipe requires an understanding of vegetables and adding them in stages avoids over cooking. Rice cooked like this taste very differently than veg pulao or veg biryani. Enjoy!