Sana-Di-Ge Chanakyapuri – A Review

Sana Di Ge, coastal food is beyond Prawn Curry
When flavors take over food
Sana Di Ge, coastal food is beyond Prawn Curry
When flavours take over food

When you have no parking hassles, meals usually open to a good start. This place has no parking issues at any point of the day. Decor could definitely be better for the price point they operate at but, the overall setup does transport you far and away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi.

Flavours when delicate are at their best. Flavours you can feel but they rest to allow other flavours to play their respective role too. Rarely one gets that kind of perfection. If I say the flavours, you get here, stay with you long after you’ve left the place, it will not be an exaggeration by any yardstick.

Coconut water with lemon was an absolute on the mark drink, that tang which rides that access sweetness of coconut, unbelievable.

Not many places in Delhi serve Neer Dosa, this one serves them hot and fresh, pepper fried mushrooms were my first and would go back for them. Malabar prawn curry took the cake, I have had so many versions and adaptations of Malabar Prawn Curry but this was the best among all. Aapam with Chicken Stew was juicy and the chicken was remarkably fresh. Sambhram was good, definitely very different from what Sagar Ratna serves but very delicious. Aaplam or Pawn Papars were very crispy. Not to mention Prawn Salad was all-time good, prawns were delicate and nicely de-veined and taste of garlic was not overpowering that of prawns.

Desserts are always the best part of any meal, we were told to keep space for Elaneer Payasam, may I say we were glad we did, no less than Neer Dosa or Malabar Curry.

Staff is caring and does great effort in sharing with you the story behind their food and they genuinely help you in ordering dishes as per your taste.