Singh Sahib, Sector-5 Dwarka – A Review

Singh Sahib, Sector-5 Dwarka
Singh Sahib, Sector-5 Dwarka - A Review
Singh Sahib, Sector-5 Dwarka
Singh Sahib, Sector-5 Dwarka – A Review

So, my friend who is a pilot with Air India gave me a call on Saturday, that he was in Delhi for the afternoon. He had a prior meeting with someone in Dwarka, so he had asked me to meet him at Sector – 6, Dwarka. When I met him, it was already around 1:00 pm and he wanted to have a lunch in the vicinity. I am not very well versed with the eating scene of Dwarka and my friend apparently wanted a typical North Indian meal. So, I had to call another friend who lives in Dwarka to help me out with this problem. He suggested me a place called ‘Singh Sahib’ in Dwarka Sector-5. Please do not confuse this with Eros Hotel’s ‘Singh Sahib’ because let me assure you that they are poles apart.

Address: Manish Link Road Plaza II, 3rd floor, Sector-5, Dwarka

Location: We went there on a Saturday afternoon and there was plenty of seating available. The elevator taking you to the 3rd floor has a safe working load of 180 kgs. In short, the elevator is small and clumsy. Though it might take you a minute or so to locate the elevator itself.

Timings: 11:30 am to 11:30 pm


As you enter the restaurant there is a small table to greet you along the bar. The ambiance of the restaurant is decent enough. It is neither too shabby nor too mesmerizing, putting it in other words it is right there in between somewhere.

Rating- 3/5



We didn’t go for a soup because, we had ordered a Non-veg Platter and we were going to order a main course. As per the steward, we would not have been able to go for the main course if we had soup along with our platter. Which indeed was a good suggestion. So, as I have already mentioned that we had ordered a Non-veg Platter for starters and that was a wise choice I must say. The platter consisted of 3 pieces of Ajwaini Fish Tikka, 4 pieces of Chicken Tikka, 3 medium sized pieces of Mutton Seekh Kebab and 4 pieces of Afghani Chicken Tikka along with some Kimchi style onion rings on the side. The undisputed winner of the platter was the Fish, then surprisingly Afghani Chicken, then Chicken Tikka and last Kebab. Everything was beautifully done; I would not fault anything in this platter. The Fish was well done full of spices and had a perfect consistency. The Tikka’s both were done to perfection and were at the perfect melt in mouth condition. The platter itself is enough, as a meal for two.

Price- INR 699 + taxes

Rating- 4.5/5 (0.5 deducted because I am a serious Kebab fan and think they can be better)

Main Course

After knocking the ball out of the park with their entrée, we decided to go with ‘Sahib Mutton Curry’ which was apparently Chef’s special preparation as per the menu. We ordered 2 Garlic Naan along with it. The ‘Sahib Mutton Curry’ failed to impress me. I had such high expectation after the starters but sadly the curry/gravy was a major letdown. Although, I would like to mention that the cut of the meat was beautiful. We were served one ‘Nalli’ piece, one piece of ‘Champ’ and two pieces of boneless mutton. The pieces were done to perfection and the meat was at the falling of the bone consistency. The gravy though was a little bland and lacked the flavor. The Garlic Naan on the other hand was perfect. They were properly buttered neither extra nor less, just to perfection. The aromatic Garlic flavor was also perfect.

Price- Singh Sahib Mutton Curry- INR 469 + taxes

Garlic Naan- INR 59 + taxes

Rating- 3/5 (3 because extra marks for the cut and well-done meat, gravy was sad)

Service: Special mention here for the service because as soon as the steward noticed our expression once we tasted our main course, he immediately came rushing and even offered to change the dish, but we requested against it because of shortage of time. They were even apologetic about the same. The staff was friendly, helpful and polished.

Rating- 5/5 (They noticed on their own our dissatisfaction and apologized. Even offered to replace)


It has a basic decent bar with enough variety. Although, we didn’t have any alcohol because my friend had to fly an airplane in the evening.

Rating- 3/5 (Has a decent variety)

Overall the place is good, and a portion of our lunch was lip-smacking. The place is located at a good market in Dwarka and has a decent enough ambiance. The escalator is although the smallest escalator I have ever come across. If you are a family of four or five there is no way you all can go together in that thing.

Price for two- INR 1800 + taxes/ without alcohol