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It’s Tea Time Folks

February 21, 2013
Tea Party Time

Tea is central to gossip and work both.

We can proudly say we have taken tea to the world. The most exciting part about tea is that everyone has their own take on it, no two people have exactly the same preferences. Some people would bet their life on the fact that if you add anything other than tea to tea, it is no longer tea and there is another equally strong group which swear that every cup can be made to serve a purpose.

Internationally and even at many places in India now, Tea and Chai are sold as two different products. Tea is the English way of making it and Chai is the Desi/ Indian way of making it. In tea you add boilng water to tea leaves and allow the flavor to come out and when it comes to chai, everything goes into the pan and the pan goes on the fire. Both have their distinct tastes and flavor, essentially being different products.

Many also say that there is something in tea, it tastes differently when served in different utensils. Kullar tea is more flavored and the fragrance of the soil gets infused in it, tea in a glass, tea in a bone china cup, tea in a plate, you would find people taking sides. How can we not talk about what you should have your tea with; cakes, Parle G biscuits, cookies, mathi, namkeen and so on.

Enjoy your tea and party every time!


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