The Tasty Story of a Samosa

Samosas are certainly the most popular Indian appetizer and are often served as a snack which can be eaten anytime. They can be found anywhere in the world and are the best thing to have when you want just a little to nibble or when you feel a little less than hungry. A Samosa is basically a fried food with different fillings, like potatoes, onions, peas, coriander, etc and is often served with chutney. Its shape and size may differ, but usually they are in a triangle shape.

A Samosa is called by different names in different parts of the world. A samosa is made out of Maida flour and is stuffed with some filling and deep fried in vegetable oil. The filling can be a mixture of mashed boiled potatoes, onions, chilies, etc. They are served hot and are often eaten with fresh mint, coriander or tamarind Chutney. After reading all this mouth-watering information, let us find out the tasty story of a samosa from how these little triangular delights are prepared to how they are just savored in minutes.

How to Make Samosa

The first stage of making a samosa is to prepare Dough. The trick to knead the perfect dough is to always add water in small portions. The Dough for samosa should be a little tougher. When you press a finger into it, you must apply a little pressure. Let the dough rest for 15-20 Minutes. Once the Dough is ready we divide them into small balls and roll each ball into circles and cut each one in half.

First stage of making a Samosa
First stage of making a Samosa

The second stage would be to prepare the filling. For this, boiled potatoes are cooled down, mashed and kept aside. In a pan, cumin seeds, chili and onions are lightly fried in oil along with peas and turmeric. Once done, all this is mixed well together with mashed potatoes, coriander and salt. The mixture is then kept aside to cool down before using them for the filling.

Second stage of making Samosa
Second stage of making Samosa

The third stage is to make a cone and put the filling in. The semi circle dough we had cut in stage one is taken and a little water is applied on the straight edge. While holding the semi-circle, the straight edge is folded, bringing together the watered edges. The watered edges are sealed into a triangle shape and then the filling is stuffed in. After this the top edges are sealed.

Third stage of making Samosa
Third stage of making Samosa


The final stage would be to fry the samosas in oil.  The trick to make crispy samosas is to use warm oil to fry them and slowly increase the temperature of the oil. This cooks the outer crust slowly, making them crispy. If fried in hot oil they will just come out soft. Fry the samosas till they turn golden brown in color on all sides.

Final stage of making Samosa
Final stage of making Samosa


When the samosas are golden crispy, serve them hot with sauce or chutney of your choice. They are best had with green mint or coriander chutney and tamarind chutney. Some people also like to have it with yogurt  and chaat masala, while others prefer to eat it without chutney.

Samosa – ready to serve


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