In between social media and living

The day of a person who lives in social media and not in real life begins in a different way. They check on their smartphone, usually they make it a point to have it as it works like an inhaler for them, what if suddenly they need to post something, would they wait for when they would login on their PC or laptop, no way that is so behind the times. So when these people get up, no not even get up, once they open their eyes they check on Twitter, Facebook for all the mentions, notifications etc. It works as a prayer for them. Once that is done and dutifully they have wished good morning to the world before their family knows they are up, they are ready for the outside world. Yes social media is their inner world and they sometimes venture into outside world as well.

If their work also involves this inner world then they need very little of involvement with the outside world. Why would they, if they get all the dramas, the arguments, the fights, the melodrama out here only. They would of course use all their resources to be here. Plus they get all the brownie points for being active. They attain a celeb status whose words are like sermons which are listened by others. So they dash into social media again, check in a jiffy what all is happening or not happening and how they can crib or rant about it. They do that. They throw one or two witty statements here and there and get a huge round of applause of course silent ones in the form of retweets and shares and likes and comments and so many more things which make them wish why social media wasn’t there from the beginning.

Anyway they had a busy day and they need some fresh air and so they decide to move away from the buzzing platforms to one who has gone silent. Exactly what is happening there, they try to fathom but somehow they don’t get a clue of that. But this de-stressing prepares them for more posts and updates and tweets. They know exactly what they have to say why some platforms are working and some are not. They don’t know the reason themselves but they can appear to know and that would work as it works for others. It doesn’t matter what you know, what matters is what you pretend to know. Amid all this they suffer some heartbreak, some pangs of jealousy, some animosity and some remorse. They pat themselves that they are still breathing and feeling, so what if that is only in social media world. And then suddenly they decide they had enough of it and that they should now stay away from all this. They kind of take a social media sanyas and stay away from one platform or the other. But in their heart of hearts they know this is not working and they cringe to be there again. So they arrive again with a renewed vengeance. And it starts all over again. They live social media or social media lives their life, the quest continues.

(Disclaimer: This is directed to social media junkies like me so any resemblance to anyone else is unintended)