Hing Poori

Hing poori
Hing poori
Hing poori
Hing poori

Few days back when I made Bengali cholar dal, few people asked me whats the best bread accompaniment for it. So I thought why not just give it out as a recipe. Hing Poori is another popular Bengali dish and it goes well with most Indian curry preparations. As the name suggests it is flavored with Hing or asafoetida. In this Indian context this is considered good as a digestive agent and used in a lots of curries and preparing tadka for the dal. You can serve it in any of the main course or breakfast and it gives a nice aroma and taste. So don’t wait any more and make Hing Poori for your meals today with this recipe. Enjoy!

Ingredients (serves 4)

For the dough

  • Maida – 2 and 1\2 cup
  • Salt – 1\2 tsp
  • Oil – 2 tbsp and for frying
  • For the filling
  • Urad dal – 1cup
  • Ginger – 1 inch piece ( grated )
  • Oil – 2 tbsp
  • Hing – 1/4 tsp
  • Cumin seeds  – 1\2 tsp
  • Fennel seeds – 1\2 tsp
  • Garam masala powder – 1\2 tsp
  • Dry mango powder – 1\2 tsp
  • Salt to taste

How to make Hing Poori

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes

For the dough

  • Mix maida, salt and 2 tbsp oil in a bowl.
  • Make a soft dough using water.
  • Cover and keep aside for 1/2 an hour.

For the filling

  • Wash and soak the Urad dal in enough after for 2 hours.
  • Strain the water and grind the dal with ginger to make a coarse paste.
  • Heat oil in a pan.
  • When the oil is hot, add cumin seeds, hing and fennel seeds.
  • Add the ground dal, garam masala powder, dry mango powder and salt.
  • Fry for 5 -6 minutes till dry.
  • Remove from heat and keep aside.
  • Assembling the poories
  • Make small balls from the dough.
  • Slightly spread it using a rolling pin.
  • Keep a small amount of filling in the center and bring the ends together.
  • Dust and roll the poories.
  • Heat oil in a pan.
  • Deep fry the poories from both the sides till puffed and golden brown.
  • Serve with cholar dal or aloo ki sabzi.