What Are The Healthier Alternatives Of White Rice?

Brown rice
Brown rice.

Rice is an Asian food staple. Every family in India eats rice at least for one meal in their day. It is 1/5th of our daily calorie count. Rice is paired with lentils, vegetables or other grains and cooked in various dishes. Some of the famous Indian rice types are Basmati, Jasmine, brown, red and black rice.

Different varieties have benefits for your health these days. For example, red rice and brown rice are prevalent among people who want to control their diet or work on weight loss.

Switching your staple white rice with the other varieties can be a complex process initially, but once you start gaining the health benefits, you’ll love them just as much!

Following are the different varieties of rice:

Brown Rice

Brown rice is nutritious and rich in fibre. Brown rice contains four times as much fibre as white rice. It is unprocessed and full of nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium.

Black rice

This rice gets its beautiful colour from phytochemicals that are present inside the rice bran. These phytochemicals contain antioxidants. Black rice contains more antioxidants than blueberries. It is sugar-free and perfect for boosting your immunity.

Red rice

Red rice derives its colour from anthocyanins. It contains anti-carcinogenic properties. Consumption of red rice balances your blood iron content. It regulates sugar and insulin in your body. Red rice also helps with the formation of red blood cells and DNA cells. It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to add a little more healthiness to their daily diet.

White rice

The trusted staple across the globe, white rice is the perfect Indian dream meal. It is rich in nutrients and easy to digest. Basmati rice contains 20% more fibre as compared to other Indian rice. White rice is a powerful food that will provide you with the necessary energy for all your activities.

Why switch from white to others?

For a healthier and fitter version of yourself, switching from white rice to other varieties is essential.

Brown rice is rich in fibre and great for an anti-obesity diet. You get to eat your favourite rice with the added benefits of weight loss.

Black, Red and purple rice are shown to have anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, and anti-heart disease properties. It is excellent for a diabetic person.

One problem with brown rice is its shelf life. As brown rice is unprocessed, it has a shelf life of only six months, while White Rice is the perfect saviour and can even be stored for over ten years. So make an informed choice that works best for your family and your health concerns.