Wushu Chinese Food Master: Restaurant Review

Address: J2/6B, 1st Floor
Pillar no 409
Rajouri Garden
New Delhi
(0.1 Km from Rajouri Garden Metro Station and 1.3 km from Tagore Garden Metro Station)

Timings: 11 am to 12 midnight

Cusine: Chinese

Seating: Fine Dining

Cost: Rs.900 approx for a meal for two without alcohol/drinks

Payment Methods: Cash and credit cards

The first thing I noticed when I walked into Wushu was how annoyingly dim and red the interiors of the restaurant were- from the uniforms of the serving staff to the walls and to the lights, it felt as if I were in a red haze. I think its high time Chinese restaurants ditch their communist hangover and get rid of the red. The seating was okay, not great, considering the couch seating was at quite an uncomfortable distance from the table which made it difficult to reach out to your plate of food.

Service at Wushu was lousy and slow. We had to ask the server for water twice before our glasses were filled, there were no napkins on the table (which I found strange) and our order took forever to be served. I understand being Valentine’s Day it was a busy evening for the restaurant, but that’s no excuse for poor service.

We started with their Lemony Peppercorn Soup (chicken) which was full of flavour and apart from chicken, pepper and eggs, had bits of broccoli and carrots in it too, which made the soup feel healthy. For the soup I’ll give them a 7 on 10. For appetizers we moved onto their chicken salt and pepper, which apart from being a very small serving was greasy and awful and full of green chilies- an absolute disaster. The chicken was fried and was lacking flavour and on the whole the dish was unimaginative. For this I’ll give them a 3 on 10.

For the main course we ordered chicken in hot bean paste, steamed rice, chicken chilly garlic noodles and chicken hot garlic noodles. The chicken in hot bean paste was very well prepared and the sauce was just right, not too spicy, just as we had requested and went well with the steamed rice. Both the noodles we ordered were by no means Chinese noodles, Chinjabi- yes. The noodles were over spiced, had too much food colouring (or was it the bright led lighting that made the noodles appear that way, I can’t be sure) and were lacking original flavour, it was almost like they had been given a Punjabi tadka. The noodles get a 3 on 10.

Will I go back to Wushu? Yes I will, because I think it’s too soon to write them off, and I’d like to give them a second chance. But I’ll definitely try something else the next time.

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