Zafrani Chicken

Zafrani Chicken
Zafrani Chicken
Zafrani Chicken
Zafrani Chicken

Dry fruits added to any dish bring out a great flavor and taste. They are used in most of Indian desserts like kheer and halwa¬†and sometimes in the main course. To make my chicken look and taste delicious I used cashew nuts paste. I also used kesar to bring out a great color. The texture and taste of the dish came out yummiest ever. This dish called the Zafrani Chicken goes well with any of the Indian breads and is a great option for small get together or just a great weekend lunch. I’m sure all my readers would also love this wonderful dish. You can make it easily at home using this Zafrani Chicken Recipe.

All you need is (serves 4)

Chicken – 500 gms

Dahi – 1 cup (whisked)

Salt – 1 tsp

Red chili powder – 1/2 tsp

Ginger garlic paste – 1 tsp

Cashew paste – 3 to 4 tbsp

Kesar – 10 to 12 strands (dissolve in 1 tsp dahi)

Butter – 2 to 3 tsp

Oil – 3 tsp

Cinnamon – 1 inch stick

Cloves – 5 to 6

Bay leaves – 2

Onion paste – 2 tbsp

Zafrani Chicken Recipe

Preparation time: 15 min.

Cooking time: 40 min.

Mix whisked dahi, salt, red chili powder, ginger & garlic paste and use the mixture to marinate chicken. Keep aside for 1 hour.

Heat butter and oil in a pan, temper bay leaves, cinnamon and cloves.

Add and saute the onion paste till golden brown.

Add chicken with marination and saute till the oil leaves the sides and chicken is soft.

Add cashew nut paste and kesar and saute till the rawness goes away.

Cook for 5-7 min.

Serve with roti or rice.