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Delhi Municipal Elections, Dark Clouds Ahead For AAP?

April 24, 2017
Delhi Municipal Elections

Has AAP lost trust of Delhiites?

Dark clouds ahead for Aam Aadmi Party? If media is to be believed, BJP is retaining its hold over all the three Municipal Corporations. They are likely to improve their presence in all the three and as per Exit Polls, it may be 10% or less which will be split between AAP & Congress and, that also in equal number. If these Exit Polls are believed then it will be fair to say that there is going to be strong likelihood of Aam Aadmi Party disintegrating. Possibly, 10, 15 or even 30 Aam Aadmi Party MLAs may resign en-mass and join BJP. How would BJP accommodate all of them is definitely going to be a challenge for the party. They have sitting ex-MLAs and their own aspirants for those seats and there is RSS and party cadre to look after too.

In the meanwhile, Arvind Kejriwal is working hard on what could be his excuse. He wants to do what Mayawati did in UP and blame EVMs being tampered as a reason for a complete saffron wash, if it happens.

We wonder, if EVM tampering was that easy, how come Aam Aadmi Party had such a historic victory in Delhi. There is a need for Arvind Kejriwal to grow and to re-size himself at the same point of time. He needs to grow as a politician and re-size his ambitions. Of course, Media is not going to be fair to him. Media was not fair to him when his party achieved unprecedented victory. But all that happened on the strength of building dreams and showing determination to achieve them.

One can’t deny that Aam Aadmi Party Government worked on electricity and water charges to be paid and millions of household benefitted from that, but to say that this is sufficient for keeping Aam Aadmi Party afloat would be nothing but undermining expectations of Delhiites.   Arvind Kejriwal has an option to save his party and government in the eventuality of most of his candidates losing. He can take a moral high ground and resign as Chief Minister of Delhi making Manish Sisodia as the Chief Minister and commit towards strengthening party at grass root levels.

Having said that first thought goes, would it be too little too late. May be yes, party may still disintegrate but it would re-position him as someone who did not desperately hold to his chair and meant well.

Meanwhile let us look at what dark clouds have in store for AAP.




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You said it. Media isn’t fair – not to Kejriwal, not to anyone. The very rise of the AAP pointed to the real need for a third front. Neither the opportunistic corruption and dynastic filth that the INC brings with it nor the religiously seasoned fiery aggression that BJP brings. The need for the “ordinary man” to participate in the electoral process and represent his own interests in legislation.

Kejriwal needs to let the AAP grow beyond him now, that much is true. But I wouldn’t store much by media reports. I will wait for the mandate tomorrow. At any rate this is a fantastic opportunity for AAP to reinvent itself. Nothing like failure to bring along great opportunities.

The only question that remains is will Kejriwal succeed in bringing together other AAP leaders in a shared vision. For if other AAP leaders leave the party and join BJP, en masse neither will BJP remain BJP, nor will AAP remain what it is!